A.I.D. Centauri Leg Gear

Type Legs Gear Model MK. I
Set A.I.D. Centauri Set Class Operator
Defense 18 Attack Speed 0%
Core Power 4 Stamina Cost Run -12%
Stability 53 Stamina Cost Evade -8%
Armored Damage 0% Fire Defense 30
Unarmored Damage 0% Poison Defense 20
Stamina Consumption 0% Electricity Defense 30
Impact 0% Nano Defense 20

A.I.D. Centauri Leg Gear is one of the Legs Gear Armor in The Surge 2. A.I.D. Centauri Leg Gear provides 18 defense, 53 stability and consumes 4 Core Power. Armor can be crafted by obtaining schematics from Enemies. You can learn more on the Crafting page.


This lightweight A.I.D. Centauri gear is made for mobility and flexibilit. Pilots of Metal Armor mech-walkers can still reach all controls in their cockpits and retain full frontal visibility, and it's perfect for officers who need to able to react nimbly


Where to find A.I.D. Centauri Leg Gear


Notes and Tips

  • Set Bonus:
    • Partial (3 pieces): Causes continuously channeled drone attacks to increase in damage the longer they are channeled
    • Full (6 pieces): When striking an enemy with a melee attack, damage is increased for a short time. Subsequent attacks can stack this effect multiple times
  • Required Tech Scrap To Upgrade:
  • Required Materials To Upgrade:


Builds That Use This Armor

  • Builds Info 1
  • Builds Info 2
  • Builds Info 3


A.I.D. Centauri Leg Gear Upgrade Table

MK I 18 Bonus
MK II 30 Run StaminaConsumption -5%
MK IV 38 Evade StaminaConsumption -3%
MK VI 44 Evade StaminaConsumption -4%
MK VIII 49 Fire Defense +10
MK X 53 Poison Defense +14
MK XX 69 N/A



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