A.I.D. Hound

Tech Scrap ?

A.I.D. Hounds are hostile Enemies in The Surge 2 that the player can confront to obtain Tech Scrap, Consumables, Weapons and Implants..


A.I.D. Hound Combat Information

  • They have a short patrol route until the player is spotted nearby
  • At a distance they can launch a grenade projectile that causes damage even if blocked..
  • At a distance, they can also launch a powerful pounce attack that causes damage even if blocked (it can be effectively evaded).
  • At close range, it makes swipe attacks with either front leg or it's tail.

A.I.D. Hound Location

  • Can be first encountered behind the second security gate by Gideon Plaza guarding the route to Gateway Bravo.

A.I.D Hound Gear, Weapon and Implants

  • Front legs can be damaged & cut off to find the A.I.D. 'Warhound' heavy duty weapon.
  • The tail can be damaged & cut off to find the Ancillary Core +12 implant.
    • After the 1st recovery, additional drops will be salvaged for Tire IV Implant circuitry (NG).
  • A.I.D. Hounds have a chance to drop Grenade Drone consumable items.

A.I.D. Hound Notes & Tips

  • The first Hound encountered by the Gideon Plaza security gate & medbay can be quickly farmed for tier 4 implant materials to upgrade preferred implants.



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