Benjamin Burke

Location Detention Center - Cellblock B
Gateway Bravo

Benjamin Burke is an NPC in The Surge 2. Benjamin Burke can be found at Detention Center - Cellblock B. He is an unjustly imprisoned man that requests your help to escape the Detention Center.

 Hi Wiki mods. I just want to say this guy's name is not Benjamin Bruke, but Benjamin Burke. The URL is not right.


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Location of Benjamin Burke

Benjamin Burke Notes and Tips

  • In Detention Center, you can free him from the cell after getting the exo-rig. He'll give you Benjamin's Keycard, then move to evacuation camp Gateway Bravo.
  • If you come back later in the game (after getting the Starfish), he will be dead. Make sure to rescue him before leaving the prison.



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    • Anonymous

      Benjamin Burke is an npc from The Surge that you never actually get to meet. You can hear him talking over the loudspeakers while you are on your way to the Biolabs.

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