Brother Eli Revived

Location CREO Institute Of Technology
Reward/s 8.000 Tech Scrap
Critical Oxygenator
Dark Prophecy Set parts (depending on limb)

Brother Eli Revived is a Boss in The Surge 2.  Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate WeaponGear and Combat Drone in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Brother Eli Revived Location


Brother Eli Revived Rewards


Brother Eli Revived Notes & Tips

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Brother Eli Revived Boss Strategies

Strategy Writeup

Brother Eli use attack patterns similar to the first fight. The difference is that he can now use Nanite Attack too. Try to deal with the Twin-Rigged Spark Aspirant first and then deal with Eli. Focus on directional block and try to avoid his nanites attacks.

Hardcore Kill method


Video Guide


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Four Hit Combo: He will attack from below, then from above and then two more times from below using nanites Try to directional block his attacks. If yo can't, dodge to either side and stay away from the nanites
Three Hit combo: It will strike from right, then from left with nanites and then from right again This attack is easy to directional block. If you are able to block all three attacks you will have a counter opportunity
Ranged Nanite Attack: It will throw a vertical nanite attack from a distance Dodge either side
Quick Three Hit Combo: It will strike from the left and then two times from the right. This attack is difficult to block so try to dodge backwards and then go in to deal some damage.
Charged Attack: It will charge a powerfull attack and slide to your location You can try to block it from below or dodge either side and then deal some damage.



Brother Eli Revived Lore

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    • Anonymous

      Pieces of Chrysalis armor is really good here. Its quick and it has excellent nano defense.

      When you drop down, you can rush one minion to lessen his back up before he and the other can get to you. Once they do, start to kite around the big statue. The charge attack of his hammer will have Eli zooming at you and often separating him from his companion. He will also most likely miss since the statue will block him, and you can smack him from a corner, or attack his last help.

      He is more or less like his previous version. He has some new attack, but some well timed side hops can solve that. let him do his stuff, he stops for a while after, you wail on him while his stamina recovers, then it repeats.

      • Anonymous

        Cut off his right arm and I got the Dark Prophecy Arm Plate schematic. Really, either this or the Leg Plate are the best ones you could get anyway, since there are hats which work toward any set bonus(!). Nano status on enemies giving you health is a pretty good set bonus, if you ask me.

        • Anonymous

          I cut off his right leg since I'd already gotten his hammer from the first fight with him, and didn't get any pieces or schematics of the Dark Prophecy set. When he went into phase 2, I noticed that his right arm became nanite-corrupted, so I wonder if that's what I needed to cut off? I only fought him once so I don't know if other limbs can become corrupted as well, but I know for sure that you can't simply cut off any part of him and get the appropriate armor piece like this page implies

          • Anonymous

            (Cheese? Glitch?) while on the platform, i used the emp "starfish" drone to trigger the fight. Brother Eli and the two guys was ready but they can't get to me. I then installed a turret and then jumped down to the fight area. Brother Eli kept walking towards the turret and I killed the two guys and i killed Brother Eli without him hitting me.

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