Canal Keycard

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Canal Keycard is a Quest Item in The Surge 2. Canal Keycard is used to open a chest at the looters hidout door. Quest Items are found in specific areas of a Location or are given by NPCs.



 Canal Keycard Use

  • A hacked keycard that opens a chest at the looters hidout door.



How to Find Canal Keycard

  • Obtained by cutting off the right arm of an A.I.D. Ronin squad member at Downtown Jericho City - Canal Back Alleys (upstairs, next to the door for the keycard for the looters hideout quest).



Canal Keycard Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      I have killed him multiple times (including unarmored right arm weapon, armored head, armored body, and armored left arm cuts, as well as no cut kill) and he has not dropped the card, the chest remains locked and the flying robot cop robots on the way there remain annoying.

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