Cathedral of the Spark is a Location in The Surge 2. Cathedral of the Spark is the main HQ of the Spark Religion.

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Full Cathedral of the Spark Walkthrough

Head to the lowest part of the Underground. You can arrive using the Strangers Hideout Exo-Line or through the bottom part of the Prison.

Open the door and fight 1x Heavy Chrysalis and 1x Electro Beam Spark Galvanizer (you can obtain SPARK 'Enlightener' Electro-Beam by cutting its arms). There is also 1x Cache of Advanced Tech behind the hologram.

Keep going, you'll find audiolog Social Credits on the ground. There is also 1x Infected Scientist. You'll obtain Anti-Nano Prototype 3/3 by defeating it.

(Go back to the Professor Okunjo Saint-Croix and charge the implant at the gate, you'll obtain Nano Absorber Ex, if you give it to him he will reward you with Corroded Butterfly)

Go down using the magnetic lift. You'll find audiolog Barrett's Legacy 3/3. You can also find a chest with 1x Large Pile of Metal Scrap inside. Use the lift to go back up and use the Exo-Line. Use the gate to reach Port Nixon.

Go to the Ship Graveyard and turn left. There is an Exo-Line that you can use to reach the bridge. You can also go through the regular road if you want to. Once on the bridge, enter the Cathedral of the Spark.

Once you enter the area, you can see the Iron Maus running through the pipe to your right. Keep going and use the Exo-Line to reach the upper area.

Outdoor Roofs

You'll have to fight 1x Spark Engineer and 1x Automated Turret. You can find audiolog Eli's Scheme.

Follow the stairs behind you. There is 1x Large Pile of Metal Scrap to your left. You can reach it by breaking a box to your right and jumping over. Use the Exo-Line and go up. You'll see 2x Twin-Rigged Spark Aspirant  talking. Jump down and kill them, you'll find yourself in a small room with a Medbay.

There is a door on the right side of the Medbay, open it to gain access back to the Outdoor Roofs. Use the computer to lower the water level and open the door. You'll enter the reactor chamber.

Turn right and go to the center of the room. You can find 1x Large Pile of Metal Scrap. Be careful as you can fall and die. Go through the door to reach Oratorium.


As soon as you cross the door you'll find audiolog Mother Knows Best. There is 1x Spark Fanatic Lancer.  Use the magnetic lift and activate the Hologram. The Spark Followers will gather around. Go up the stairs and fight 1x Heavy Spark Defender and 2x Spark Fanatic Lancer.

Go up the stairs to you right and you'll find a chest with 1x Circuit Implant inside. Go down the stairs and you'll also find 1x Heavy Chrysalis and 1x Cache of Advanced Tech (Be careful as you can die to the water next to it).

Keep going and you'll find a small area with 1x Spark Fanatic Lancer, 1x Heavy Spark Defender and 1x Spark Engineer. Go to the room at the end and activate the pump to lower the water level.

Once the water is down, go back until you see a hook line. Use it to find 1x Leg Pneumatics Implant. Go back and follow the stairs going down and fight 1x Spark Fanatic Lancer and 2x Infected SPARK. You can also find 1x Deflection Supercharger Implant.

Keep going and fight 1x Spark Fanatic Lancer. Turn right and use the magnetic lift, there is 1x Ancillary Core +5 implant on the ground. Go back and open the door control. Here you'll find the NPC Brother Kwizman. He will provide you with the quest Challenge of the Spark.

Keep going and you'll reach the Reactor Chamber again. You can find Audiolog Eli's Evil to your left. Keep going until you see an Exo-Line. Use it to gain access back to the Medbay. Go up the stairs and go inside the room on the third floor. Inside you'll meet with Kyle Baxter. Tell Kyle Baxter to go and take out an enemy. Go back using the Exo-Line and keep going and you will reach Ritual Cleansing

You'll see a small area with electricity. There's 1x Electro Beam Spark Galvanizer on the other side. Jump and kill him. Keep going and you'll reach Outer Catwalks.

Outer Catwalks

Here you can find audiolog Eli's Fear. Use the Exo-Line. You'll have to fight another 1x Electro Beam Spark Galvanizer. Open the control door to reach Hall of Prayers.

You'll see the mark of the Iron Maus and Kyle Baxter will contact you and tell you to meet him back at the hideout. Fight 1x Fanatic Spark Lancer and keep going. You'll find a computer to activate the Pump and lower the water guarded by 1x Electro Beam Spark Galvanizer and 1x Fanatic Spark Lancer.


Activate the computer and go down the stairs located to your left. Enter the first door you see and break the magnetic lock on the other side. This will enable the magnetic lift leading back to the Medbay. Go back and talk to Kyle Baxter. Tell him that he looks hurt and send him home. He will ask you to meet him back at the Comic Store located at Port Nixon.

Go back and keep going down the stairs. You can break the boxes to find 1x Aggression Amplifier. Defeat the patrolling 1x Fanatic Spark Lancer and check below. You'll see a group of Spark watching the TV. Turn it off using the computer and they will scatter. Go down and defeat 1x Heavy Spark Defender 2x Fanatic Spark Lancer and 1x Heavy Chrysalis. Once you are done, go to your left and go through the door to reach Reactor Chamber. You can find audiolog Favorite Son on the ground. Break the Magnetic Seal to your right to activate the Exo-Line going back to the Medbay. Explore the area and you will see a chest with 1x Large Cache of Advanced Tech on the other side of the room. Jump to reach the other side.

Use the Elevator next to the bridge and enter the Reactor Chamber. Fight 2x Heavy Chrysalis and you'll find audiolog Hack Attack! You can see a chamber with a head on the other side of the room. Jump and activate the computer. This will kill Little Johnny.

Use the Exo-Line and open the Jammed-Door. This will lead you to the Main Gate.

Main Gate

Defeat 2x Heavy Chrysalis. Break the magnetic lock and the main access door will open.

Go back to the Reactor Chamber and go to the lowest level. Cross the main bridge to reach Cathedral of the Spark.

Cathedral of the Spark

There is an Exo-Line at the right part of the bridge. Use it and you'll reach a small area with a chest. You can find 1x Reclamation Buddy Ex implant inside. Keep going up the stairs until you reach the up-most part.

Use the Exo-Line to your left to reach Ritual Cleansing. You can find 1x Cache of Advanced tech guarded by 1x Twin-Rigged Spark Aspirant to your right. After you are done, break the Magnetic Lock to activate the magnetic lift providing a way back to the Medbay.

Go back using the Exo-Line and defeat 1x Fanatic Spark Lancer. Go up the ramp and use the magnetic lift. Defeat 1x Electro Beam Spark Galvanizer and break the box to find 1x Rig Capacitor XL. Go back using the magnetic lift and keep going.

Use the Exo-Line and fight 1x Fanatic Spark Lancer and 1x Electro Beam Spark Galvanizer. Once defeated, use the first Exo-Line and defeat another 1x Fanatic Spark Lancer. Explore the area to find 1x Cache of Advanced Tech. Go through the opening going outside and get into the elevator. An animation will play where you see Brother Eli being revived and you'll reach Inner Sanctum

Matriarch Celeste

Phase 1
There are two strategies. You can stay near to her and try to directional block her attacks while striking back. Her attacks are rather simple so you won’t have problems.

The other strategy involves getting away from her and wait until she charges at you. It’s easy to parry the charge. After you’ve parried her charge she will almost always attack from above. Parry it and you’ll stagger her. After dealing some damage take some distance from her and repeat until Phase 2 begins.

Phase 2
The field will be electrified on the sides and in a cross line so try to stay in one of the quarters. A good strategy is staying near her and focusing on the directional parry. If she uses the hug attack, you can opt for dodging and dealing some damage or parrying, let her grab you and then deal damage to her. Try not to stand behind her as she can use her mechanical arms to stagger you and deal high damage. You can destroy her mechanical arms, if you do, she will be more limited in her attacks.

Matriarch Celeste Rewards

Once you defeat her, Use the Magnetic Lift and head into the Underground


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