Codename: Engelhart

Type Single-Rigged
Model Mk. 0
damage icon the surge 2 wiki guide 16px  Raw 62
impact icon the surge 2 wiki guide 44px16px Impact 28
fire damage icon the surge 2 wiki guide 16px Special 31
attack speed icon the surge 2 wiki guide 24px Attk Speed 90%
energy gain icon the surge 2 wiki guide 16px Energy Gain +120%
stamina consumption 1 icon the surge 2 wiki guide 16px Stam Consumption 125%

Codename: Engelhart  is a DLC Single-Rigged Weapon in The Surge 2. Codename: Engelhart Mk. 0 deals 62 raw damage, 31 fire damage and has 28 impact. It provides 90% attack speed, +120% energy gain and 125% stamina consumption. Weapons can be found from Enemies and/or Bosses, and can be found inside Chests.

A highly experimental boost tool built to achieve its potential even in extreme conditions. State-of-the-art heat sensors keep the pulsating casing seething hot in any surrounding. Please handle with care - extreme caution is advised! CREO is not eligible for any insurance claims relating to burn wounds during work hours.
For further information, please read the fine print.


Where to find Codename: Engelhart

  • Available with the Public Enemy Weapon Pack DLC
  • Can be obtained from enemies in Downtown Jericho City, near the JCPD front gate, or Underground, on the road to C.I.T., after the Ezra fight (World phase 2).
  • ENGELHART: weapon returning from surge 1.

    Appear for the first time in surge 2 after the fight against General EZRA SHIELD, in underground, follow the path naturally and you will end up naturally at "Gideon Plaza BASEMENT". 2 enemy here, the 2 first ever enemy with DEFRAG, so will both have chrysalis part of armor. The one with Engelhart is at top of the ramp when you enter Gideon Plaza Basement. You really can't miss it.

    Advise: use Physical Agresssion Redirector when you'r about to face them to make sure the only part receiving damage is the RIGHT ARM, paired with Omni-Audit AND some good energy gain due to implant or weapon.
    Just in case, do not use high level weapon. It would be better something like Mark 4 or 5 not further


Notes and Tips

  • Required Tech Scrap To Upgrade:
  • Required Materials To Upgrade:
  • Special Moves:


Builds That Use This Weapon

  • Builds Info 1
  • Builds Info 2
  • Builds Info 3



Codename: Engelhart  Upgrade Table

MK I 75 Bonus
MK II 90 -2% Stamina Consumption
MK IV 131 +1 Impact
MK VI 195 -
MK VIII 281 -8% Stamina Consumption
MK X 413 -
MK XX ?? ??



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