Delver is a Boss in The Surge 2.  Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate WeaponGear and Combat Drone in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Delver Location


Delver Rewards

  • 20.000 Tech Scrap
  • Nano Brain
  • Helix of the Delver
  • Alternate Kill reward: Helix of the Delver V2.0
  • Helix of the Delver V2.0 can be found by killing Delver after breaking its armor in phase 3. It does not matter if it regains the armor. Break the armor located on the legs and arms at least once each before you down it. Two front legs can be broken in phase 2 and the breaking does not need to be repeated in phase 3.

Delver Notes & Tips

  • Trivia: Voice Actor, etc goes here
  • Weakness: Poison


Delver Boss Strategies

Strategy Writeup

It has 3 phases and can be a very challenging fight. If you die you'll have to start over from Phase 1. It weak to posion/venom damage.

Phase 1

The beast is standing on both legs and attacks with its claws. It can perform a 3-hit combo from either direction. Try to parry the first and the next 2 will be easy.
It can burrow underground (use this time to attack him and deal some damage) and then come out two different times to perform a single attack. When it comes out, dodge and then go in to deal some damage. The third time it will come out of the ground and leap at you. Try to dodge when it's near you.

Phase 2

It will now attack you as a four legged beast. When you are far away, it will run across the room trying to stomp you. If it succeeds, it will drag you to a corner.
When at close quarter combat, it can perform a powerful dual combo attack (one from each side) that deals high damage. After the combo, it will also leap at your location to bite you.

After some time, it will become nanites and go to the roof, throws two nanite volleys at you(it deals damage to itself) then throw itself at your location. If dodged, it will stagger providing an oportunitty to attack. When it comes down, it any nanites remain will merge to it and recover health. Destroy them to stop the recover.
If you are having troubles at this stage you can keep a safe distance and use your drone to deal a considerable amount of damage.

Another method is to be as aggressive as you can, get close to it, hit it a few times and dodge its 2 sweeps (jump over them), each time doing a counterattack (the jumping attack after a successful dodge). It is very tricky to pull off both dodge+counter combos in succession as the timing window is small, but it's possible. Either way, dodging 1 of its attacks and countering should be easy enough. Then dodge away from its spinning or lunging attack, rush in, rinse and repeat. Also, if Delver has taken enough damage in this form, it will fall to its back, so give it a nice tummy rub for a critical damage (with a special animation, too, so you know it triggered). Dodge and destroy its nanite blobs and repeat the process. This phase is much easier when you play really aggressively with a fast weapon (Twin-Rigged or Punching Gloves, for instance)

Phase 3

It will stand in two legs and move very slow. If you stay on the opposite side of the arena, it will be an easy fight.
It will do 2 attacks at long range. The first is a ground slam that will send nanites at you and leave a trail. The second, it will throw itself on the ground and slide at you again leaving a trail of nanites. Just stay back a bit because the hitbox is bigger than it looks. Then go in, charge an attack and break one of its limbs to ensure you get the Helix V2. Rinse and repeat and you can do this phase without taking damage. The phase should look like this:
Slams (just move) slide (move, or dodge) Charge attack to break a limb, 2 extra quick attacks, dodge out then run to the other side and repeat.
P.S. It will only have 2 nanite trails up at a time.

Hardcore Kill method

Helix of the Delver V2.0 can be obtained by breaking all its limb armor. It does not matter if it regains the armor. Break the armor located on the legs and arms at least once each before you down it. Two front legs can be broken in phase 2 and the breaking does not need to be repeated in phase 3.

"Easy" Hardcore Kill method - This is for players who cannot parry for maximum damage, and prefers dodging instead of blocking. Using a spear and during Phase 3 it is easy to break all Delver parts using a charge attack (Only two charge attack is needed per limb). Use charge attack on Arm, Leg and Body after Delver does the Nanite ground attack, target the Body first as the body armor will not regenerate and turn blue when targeted again, when both Arms are broken the Delver will regenerate them while standing still causing a flash of red light on the regenerated Arm this also good opportunity to break Leg and Body using charge attack. Dealing with the head armor is not quite the same (Head armor also does not regenerate and turns blue after breaking). In order to break the Head using a Spear, opportunity to break it is also during Nanite attack and Slide attack while the Delver's head is near the ground, using charge attacks on head is difficult, just do normal attack on head as the Delver will raise it head above ground pretty quickly. Otherwise just spend all your ammo shooting the Head with a drone for a even easier time breaking it.  

Video Guide


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Three Hit Combo: It can perform a three hit combo from either direction Try to directional parry the first attack. If you do, the next two will be easy. If you can't, keep blocking to minimize damage
Burrow Underground: It will burrow underground and come out 3 times. The first two it will strike you one time and borrow again. The third time it will come out and leap at your location Try to deal damage when is borrowing down. Start running across the room and wait for it to come out, after the attack you can go in to deal some damage. When it leaps at you, wait until he is close and dodge to either side or block.
Phase 2
Two Hit Combo: It will attack from either side doing high damage. It can sometimes finish the attack with a leap that ends up with a bite. Try to directional block. If you can't keep your block up to avoid further damage. When he leaps at you hold the block button.
Become Nanites: It will become nanites and go to the roof. It will throw two volleys of nanites at you at two different times. After the attack is complete, it will charge at your location. After landing, it will recover the lost nanites recovering health When it throws nanites at you it deals damage to itself. The nanites will remain on the ground after the attack, you can use your weapon to destroy them and deny their recovery. Dodge to either direction when it's falling down and go in to deal damage while it recovers
Phase 3
Three Hit Combo: It can perform a powerful three hit combo from either side. It will deal high damage if not blocked or dodged Try to directional block the attack. If you miss the directional block, keep blocking until the attack finishes to avoid further damage.
Nanite Attack: It will hit the ground creating a nanite path in front of him. The nanites will stay for some time and will deal you damage if you stand on top of them. Dodge to either side and stay away from the area to avoid further nanite damage.
Slide Attack: It will throw itself to the ground and slide to your location dealing high damage, leaving a trail of nanites and dragging you. This attack is very easy to dodge. Dodge to either side and then go in to deal some damage before it recovers.



Delver Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.

During CAIN  boss fight, one of CAIN 's taunt lines  is "The Delver as just a child and you murdered it!" 


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    • Anonymous

      I killed this boss with ease in new game + with 16 gen armor and weapon, without dying. I had Cerberus armor and General APUs boxing gloves. I do not think I died once I installed exo suit in first med bay till I was killed by frigging rhino scrapper with nano infused double axes on Jericho main square near second scanning gates. After general boss. I must say that this guy does crazy amount of damage in NG+

      • Anonymous

        Can confirm that you only need to break arm and leg armor to get the Helix of the Delver 2.0. I broke both arm armors in phase 2, and both leg armors in the ridiculously easy phase 3. Justice of the Iron Maus gloves ftw.

        • Anonymous

          tips to last :
          A large amount of its damage is from nanite burst. Once the meter fills it does massive damage immediately. It is very much worth it to equip implants that can resist or cure this.

          the life drain implant, the medi force converter somthing. As long as you have good nano resistance, you can even trade hits with the monster for a while)

          • Anonymous

            So many casuals saying those bosses are hard. after playing almost every souls-like out there I'm super disappointed by the surge 2, the first one had some mad difficulty whereas the second one feels like a child's play.
            Do you remember getting 1hit all game long by the spider-bots? I do.
            Do you remember black cerberus on your first playthrough where you went mental because you had to fight 4 P.A.X.?
            I'm looking for challenge in those game because it is much more enjoyable once you overcome it. I legit don't understand so many people crying that it's too hard when it's not even half as hard as the first one.
            Fun game for sure but meh difficulty and lame bosses overall. Back to Bloodborne and Sekiro I guess

            • Anonymous

              For anyone having issues with the Delver at Gideon’s Rock, take note that this Delver is weak to poison. I had a lot of problems with this Delver, but once I switched my weapon to “Little Johnny’s Forceps V2.0” this boss was easy! Let the poison do the work for you!!!

              • Anonymous

                I’m gonna have to call bull*****on breaking the body parts for the V2 because no matter how many times I hit the body it would not break!

                • Anonymous

                  I just used the Big Titan hammer and smacked him around. Your hits will break his guard almost every time. Then the only part that was hard was the final one because you can't take too many hits from him.

                  • Anonymous

                    I'm confused here. I beat Delver and talked to Jonah. I have now moved on and i'm all the way at the hospital. I just looked at my log and it says my "three towers" mission is in progress, and it says "now that you have the brain, deliver it to Jonah Guttenberg immediately". Did i miss something here?

                    • Anonymous

                      When he borrows in the first phase you can just walk clockwise in a circle and he will be unable to damage you. You can get one or two attacks on him before he borrows again.

                      • I beat him yesterday.....i found out that, while he's on the ceiling, he fires those nano masses on the ground and then he uses them to recharge his HP....those nano masses can be targeted and destroyed, so he can't use them anymore
                        Using this way the fight has become a joke and phase 3 is not that hard as phase 2...

                        • I'm struggling to kill this Boss.....he always kills me in phase 2....Maybe i'm low leveled, but i'm Lvl 50 and I've had no problems since now in killing everything in front of me I think I'll come back with a better Weapon (at the moment i'm using a Lvl 4 Gaia Lancer with 184 AR)

                          • Anonymous

                            to get the V2 you need to strip its armor from each body part once in its last phase (red health bar) it doesnt matter if it regens some during the fight or has some left from the regen when you kill it, as long as you do it to each body part once you will get the V2.

                            • Anonymous

                              During my kill, I broke both its 'hands' in phase 2, and its body, head and both its legs in phase 3, which got my the hardcore kill. I've no idea if all are necessary, all I know is I got my V2.0.

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