Delver Echo Alpha

Location Underground
Reward/s 10.000 Tech Scrap
Energetic Speed Intensifier

Delver Echo Alpha is a Boss in The Surge 2.  Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate WeaponGear and Combat Drone in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Delver Echo Alpha Location


Delver Echo Alpha Rewards


Delver Echo Alpha Notes & Tips

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Delver Echo Alpha Boss Strategies

Strategy Writeup

This boss behaves and acts the same way as Phase 2 of Delver.

When you are far away, it will run across the room trying to stomp you. If it succeeds, it will drag you to a corner.

When at close quarter combat, it can perform a powerful dual combo attack (one from each side) that deals high damage. After doing the combo, it will also leap at your location to bite you.

After some time, it will become nanites and go to the roof. This is the most important part of the fight. When it throws nanites at you, it deals damage to itself. It will fire two volleys and then it will throw itself at your location. If you dodge it, it will stagger providing an oportunitty to attack. When it falls down, it will recover any nanites that were not destroyed recovering health. You need to dodge the nanites and then destroy them. If you destroy the nanites, it won’t be able to recover itself.

If you are having troubles, you can keep a safe distance and use your drone to deal a considerable amount of damage.

Hardcore Kill method


Video Guide


Attacks & Counters

Phase 2
Two Hit Combo: It will attack from either side doing high damage. It can sometimes finish the attack with a leap that ends up with a bite. Try to directional block. If you can't keep your block up to avoid further damage. When he leaps at you hold the block button.
Become Nanites: It will become nanites and go to the roof. It will throw two volleys of nanites at you at two different times. After the attack is complete, it will charge at your location. After landing, it will recover the lost nanites recovering health When it throws nanites at you it deals damage to itself. The nanites will remain on the ground after the attack, you can use your weapon to destroy them and deny their recovery. Dodge to either direction when it's falling down and go in to deal damage while it recovers



Delver Echo Alpha Lore

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Archangel Eli  ♦  Brother Eli Boss  ♦  Brother Eli Revived  ♦  CAIN  ♦  CAIN Core Protector  ♦  Captain Cervantes  ♦  Collective Incinerator  ♦  Delver  ♦  Delver Echo Gamma  ♦  Goddess Helena  ♦  H.A.R.O.L.D. Boss  ♦  Little Johnny  ♦  Major General Ezra Shields  ♦  Matriarch Celeste  ♦  Metal Armor  ♦  Nitro  ♦  PROTEUS Ambush  ♦  Warden Garcia



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    • Anonymous

      Can confirm it’s optional, just avoid the trap chest and it won’t activate. Come back and slay it when your stronger.

      • Anonymous

        Now I am also in that weird situation where I read that people are having a hard time with a boss, but I found this one very easy. I must have been overgeared or something.

        I used full Nano Ward set, which reduces stamina to block and everytime you parry, you create a nano explosion which does around 60 damage to the boss I believe.
        I also used a Mk. VII Codename: Moonlight which I upgraded with the mats from some nano slasher enemies in the area. Implants were those that improved parrying in some way like restore HP/energy/damage+. In fact, after a parry, I get a 40% short damage buff + 10% from Nanite Shatterer. If my eyes weren't failing in all the action, I must have dealt like 2300 damage everytime I counterattacked. The boss's parryable attacks are very easy to read and just requires a bit of timing. I think after 4-5 counterattack he surprised me big time with his death.

        • Anonymous

          Best setup for me was Chrysalis armor set and poison weapons with the poison implant. Normally poison seems too slow but for erratic enemies like this, that will run away or burrow or whatever, it can help keep the pressure on their HP.

          • Anonymous

            they really gonna make you fight THE ABSOLUTE WORST CANCER PHASE 2 OF DELVER AGAIN? ***** THAT***** phase 1 and 3 was easy, dont make me relive this phase

            • Anonymous

              poison and stay away, easy way to kill him - with corrupted butterfly and Entropic Dissolver implant u inflict him on immediately

              • Anonymous

                He can be killed twice then he disapears. The first fight was phase 2 from the original Delver fight. The second fight was phase 1 from the original Delver fight. confirmed .. second time i dont get any item just 1200 xp - cant confrm

                • Anonymous

                  When its họ drops below 40%, it won't turn into nanite which means its almost impossible to get closer and deal more damage

                  • Anonymous

                    Its not only optional....he is REPEATABLE.... the second time he used Phase 3 from the Delver Boss....same drop as first time...

                    • Anonymous

                      Boss is optional afaik...don't go dear the Chest and it wont attack....when you try to attack it you DIE, unless you are SUPER DUPER GOOD. It will kill you instantly in 3-4 hits and Nano hits quickly. Its 2x as fast as the Story Delver Boss.

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