Detention Center is a Location in The Surge 2. The Detention Center is a JCPD Detention Facility where criminals are imprisioned in Jericho City.


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Gear and Implants:



Full Detention Center Walkthrough


Medical Observation:


You start the game at the Medical Observation room. You wake up by hearing the voice of Athena. You will already be equipped with HL-1 Defibrillators and you will acquire the Quests: Escape from Prison and The key to survival.



In front of the bed there are some curtains, behind them you will find the Quest Item: Keycard - Medical Staff. You will also find Audiolog Medical Report TS-2.detention_center_wt_2_the_surge_2_wiki_guide600px


Once you have the keycard, you will be able to open the control door by holding the action button. Once the door opens, you will face 2x JCPD Drone. After you’ve defeated them, open the control door to your right and you will find a First Aid Station where you can heal.detention_center_wt_3_the_surge_2_wiki_guide600px


Go through the hole in the wall until you see the creature attacking the Detention Center. Take a turn right and you will arrive at “Cell Block B”


Cellblock B:


Here you’ll have to face 1x JCPD Drone. Defeat him and go inside the room, there you will see 1x Prisoner looting a dead body. Use the walk button to sneak from behind until you see a red circle. Press the attack button to perform a backstab attack.



After defeating him, jump into the hole in the floor. You will see 1x Prisoner, when you approach him he will throw a brick at you, try to dodge it and defeat him. There is a First Aid Station that you can use if you are hurt.



On the next part of the room, there are 2x Prisoner looting bodies. You can try to sneak behind 1 of them and perform a backstab attack or fight both of them at the same time. If you are fighting both of them, try to focus on 1 at a time and dodge the attacks from the other one.


After you defeat them, go up the stairs and you will have to fight 1x Heavy Prisoner using an Equalizer. His attacks are slow, so wait for him to attack and strike back when he is recovering.



Go up the stairs and turn left, inside the cell you’ll find Benjamin Bruke. He will ask for your help saying he has been unfairly imprisoned. The door is Jammed and you won’t be able to open it until you have your Exo Suit.



Go back and this time turn right, open the door through the control panel and enter the control room. To your right there is a door control. If you use it, you will open a door next to Benjamin Bruke to go back to where you started.


To your left there is a door and a First Aid Station. Open the door and you will arrive at the JCPD Armory.

JCPD Armory:


Once you enter the room, a boss fight will begin against Nitro. He has armor all over his body except for his head. Use the limb targeting system and aim for his head as it’s unprotected. Nitro uses an Equalizer as a weapon. His attacks are slow but have a wide and long range. When he starts attacking try to jump backwards and wait for his combo to end. When he is recovering, hit him a couple of times until he starts attacking again. Repeat this operation until you have defeated him. In case that you die, remember that you can come back through the door you opened earlier avoiding most enemies.


When you defeat him, he will drop Keycard - Officer Johnson and 100 Tech Scrap. Open the door from where he came and you will find the audiolog Ready for Action? And a Medbay.


Use the Medbay to acquire the Exo Rig. Here you will be able to check Stats. You will have 3 module points to spend any way you like. You can respec your module points so don’t be afraid of experimenting with them.


From now on you will have the Energy bar and you will be able to perform Finishing Blows and using injectables. Go outside the room and you will see 1x Infected Prisoner with a lance looting a dead body. You can sneak from behind and perform a backstab. Try to aim for her right arm, if you damage the arm enough, you will be able to spend 1x Battery to perform a finishing blow. By doing this, the enemy will drop the weapon and you will be able to pick it up as loot acquiring the weapon Salvaged Gouger. Press the inventory button and equip your new weapon.


From here, go back to Cellblock B by opening the jammed door. Go to Benjamin Bruke cell . Once you arrive, open the jammed door. Talk to him and let him free and he will reward you with a keycard to unlock the locker in the JCPD Armory containing the Empty INF-Labs Chassis  weapon.


Go down the stairs and kill the 3x Prisoner that are on the lower level. Once you’ve cleared off the enemies, open the control room jammed door and you will find the audiolog Things Unsaid.


Go back to the JCPD Armory and open the jammed door that leads into the Security Hallway.

Security Hallway:


Warden Garcia will block your path so you will be forced to take the path to your right, there you will find 1x Heavy Prisoner defeat it and turn right.


On the next room you will have to fight 1x Infected Prisoner, go up the stairs and kill 1x Heavy Prisoner, search the room and you will find 1x Small Pile of Metal Scrap.


Take the stairs down and you will see a room with the creature attacking the Detention Center. Once you approach the room the creature will leave. Open that room to find 1x Small Pile of Metal Scrap.


Go back outside the room and activate the control panel. This will open the door that Warden Garcia closed allowing you to go back to the Medbay to upgrade your Exo Rig (remember to use your consumable items so you have more scrap).


After you are done upgrading, activate the control panel at the Hallway and run through the ramp before the door closes. You will reach a small room with a door to you right. When you try to open the door, you will see the creature attacking the detention center killing two guards. After the creature leaves, go inside the JCPD Lobby room where a fight against Warden Garcia will begin.

JCPD Lobby:


When you enter the room a boss fight against Warden Garcia will begin. He uses a MG Jackknife Pro, the A.I.D. Nightfall Set and a combat drone in the fight. When you are near him, he will attack with his weapon making a three hit combo. Try to wait for the combo to finish to make a few hits. The combat drone activates from time to time, you will see a red laser aiming at you. When this happens the drone is immobile, so try to hide behind a wall or run in circles to avoid the attacks. If you move far away from Warden Garcia, he will jump at you or launch Molotov cocktails. When this happens try to evade them by jumping to the sides. When attacking, try to go for his right arm. If you can perform a finishing blow on it, you will be rewarded with the weapon MG Jackknife Pro and the Schematic for A.I.D. Nightfall Arm Gear.

Here is a list of Warden Garcia attacks:

  • 3 attack combo: He attacks right attack, then front with arms and then attacks from left
  • Jump Attack: He jumps with the MG Jackknife Pro at your location dealing damage.
  • Jump and Throw: He jump at your location attacking and throwing a Molotov Cocktail
  • Molotov Throw: He remains still and throws two Molotov Cocktails forward
  • Spin and Slam: He makes a spinning attack and then jump into the air doing a slamming attack when he falls back to the ground.
  • Jump backwards throwing Molotov: He jumps backwards throwing two Molotov Cocktails behind him

After you have defeated Warden Garcia, you will be rewarded with his Combat Drone and 500 Tech Scrap.


You will see a disturbance in the room, go there and you will hear Athena asking you to go to Port Nixon to find the plane. 


After the scene ends, a loot cache will appear and you will find A Girl's Toy inside of it.


Go up the stairs and loot the boxes to supply on Omni-Cells ammo for the Combat Drone.


Keep going and pass the hole on the wall, you will see 2x Prisoner on the upper level and you will be instructed by Brother Truman to kill them so he enables the magnetic lift. Use your drone to dispatch the enemies


Once they are defeated, use the magnetic lift and use the door to your right to reach Downtown Jericho City and the quest Escape from Detention will be complete.





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