EMP-44 'Starfish'

This modified EMP device attaches to enemies and magnetic locks can be detonated secondarily by firing it again while it is attached.
Damage 150electricity_damage_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_16px
Cooldown 20
Ammo Consumption 0

EMP-44 'Starfish' is Combat Drone module in The Surge 2. EMP-44 'Starfish' provides with combat capabilities and the ability to open magnetic locks. When used against enemies, it will deal area of effect Electricity Damage.

Where to find EMP-44 'Starfish'

Notes and Tips

  • Can be used to open magnetic locks. Aim at the designated magnetic lock, press the Combat Drone button to deploy the drone and press again to fire. You can also manually detonate the EMP after it attach to something.

Builds That Use This Drone Module

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