Engine From Hell (EFH)

Type Heavy-Duty
Model Mk. 0
damage_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_16px  Raw 83
impact_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_44px16px Impact 28
fire_damage_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_16px Special -
attack_speed_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_24px Attk Speed 90%
energy_gain_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_16px Energy Gain +80%
stamina_consumption_1_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_16px Stam Consumption 150%

Engine From Hell (EFH) is one of the Future Shock Weapon Pack DLC Heavy-Duty Weapons in The Surge 2. EFH Mk. 0 deals 83 raw damage and has 28 impact. It provides 90% attack speed, +80% energy gain and 150% stamina consumption rate. Weapons can be found from Enemies and/or Bosses, and can be found inside Chests.

Originally used in automotive engineering, this massive weapon has become the new tool of choice for every scavenger worth his salt. Defend yourself, crush walls and beat your opponents to a pulp in a heartbeat. The EFH takes no prisoners!


Where to find Engine From Hell (EFH)

  • Engine From Hell (EFH) can be obtained from:
    • An enemy at Canal Back Alleys, just before the small area that has a chest(after Ezra fight) and connect to looter's hideout, behind a big wooden box.


Notes and Tips


Builds That Use This Weapon

See Builds page for other weapons and combinations.

  • Builds Info 1



Engine From Hell (EFH) Upgrade Table

MK I 99 Bonus
MK II 120 Physical Damage +5
MK IV 171  
MK VI 244 Attack Speed +2%
MK VIII 341 Energy Gain +10%
MK X 478 Impact +3
MK XX 864 N/A




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