Goddess Helena

Location A.I.D. Command
Reward/s 12.500 Tech Scrap
Twinlance of Corruption
Goddess Helena's Set parts

Goddess Helena is a Boss in The Surge 2.  Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate WeaponGear and Combat Drone in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Goddess Helena Location


Goddess Helena Rewards


Goddess Helena Notes & Tips

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Goddess Helena Boss Strategies

Strategy Writeup

Phase 1 Shield

The boss acts very similar to a Shielded Gaia. When shielded, it can perform fewer varieties of attacks but is better protected. You can break the shield by performing a vertical charged attack. Even with the shield, the boss will be open to attacks while using the Head Beam attack.

Phase 2 Without Shield

When you break the shield, the boss will have a larger array of attacks. Try to stay at close distance and spin around her while dealing some damage. The best opportunity to attack her is while she uses the Beam attack on her head, as she turns slow and can't cancel the attack.
After some time, the Boss will create a new shield returning to Phase 1.

Hardcore Kill method


Video Guide


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (Shield)
Shield Explosion: It will strike the ground with her shield creating an electrical explosion Dodge backwards and go in to deal some damage
Shield Smash: It will attack you with her shield Dodge backwards
Fire beam from head: It will fire a beam that causes burning from her head  Run in circles and try to go behind her. Use the opportunity to deal some damage.
Kick from above: It will perform a kick from above Try to directional parry the attack.
Phase 2 (Without Shield)
Two Hit combo: Two strikes from above in quick succession Try to perform a directional block or dodge either side two times
Spinning Attack: She will attack from either side while spinning Try to directional block and keep blocking
Fire beam from head: She will fire a beam that causes burning from her head Run in circles and try to go behind her. Use the opportunity to deal some damage.
Fist Strike: She will strike with her fist from above This attack is really easy to directional block
Kick Strike: She will kick you from above Directional block or dodge to either side and go in to deal some damage
Electrical Attack: It will perform a spinning attack and then throw electricity at you Dodge to either side.



Goddess Helena Lore

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Goddess Helena Notes & Trivia

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Goddess Helena Lore

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    • Anonymous

      Waste of a boss. Could have introduced it first before the standard gaia robot. The player should already be familiar with its pattern at this point.( they should change it significantly, so it’s not just Gaia robot with more health) The first gaia robot was more of a boss than this joke. Wiki is wrong about the shield. Any charged attack should break it. Unless you are hitting it with the card board sign weapon, (it will never break. )Twin rigged might require 2 charged attacks, esp if it’s a multi hit and some of it misses.

      It is vulnerable to shock. Breaking its shield staggers it, it’s a good time to attack. You want the right arm, for the weapon. The rest of the armor can be bought. If it is down to 30% life and the arm is still healthy( it’s high up and not easy to tag) switch weapon to some mark 2 or so heavy duty. Maybe salvaged crusher or Titan if you got those.

      • Anonymous

        soooooo incredibly weak i suggest you switch to a green tier weapon. i had plenty so was doing 160ish and that was still almost too much to get the spear by cutting off her arm. be really careful if youre going for an every item run!

        bosses past ezra seem to be horribly balanced besides the Delver Echo. none of them pose a challenge sadly

        • Anonymous

          Brother trumans faith with the kineto plasmic shunt is god teir. Tap vert attack and spam horizontal attack. Paired with the starfish drone. Shell be stunned for the whole fight if you stay up in the attacks and your health will always be full. Great strat for most bosses.

          • Anonymous

            If you can get her to stand on the pedestal in the centre near the hospital door, after the flower pots have been destroyed, she will freeze. You will be able to attack her until she unfreezes. So, do not use heavy attacks but keep hitting her all the time. I also noticed that the drone attack does not unfreeze her. It does a good deal of damage. I only found this out in NG++. It may not be possible to do this in the base game.

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