Head Gear Processor Mk.III


CREO's neural enhancers allow you to operate your Exo Rig at the speed of thought. Adapting to each individual's unique neural architecture and utilizing the latent processing power of the human brain, best-in-class fine motor control and advanced intel dispersal will be at your fingertips.

Head Gear Processor Mk.III is a Component in The Surge 2. Head Gear Processor Mk.III is used to upgrade Head Gear from Mk.II to Mk.III. Components are dropped by enemies when a finishing blow is performed on an armored body part.



 Head Gear Processor Mk.III Use

  • Can be used to upgrade Head Gear from Mk.II to Mk.III



How to Find Head Gear Processor Mk.III

  • Can be obtained by performing a killing blow on an armored enemy limb wearing Head Gear Mk.III



Head Gear Processor Mk.III Notes & Tips

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