Implant Circuitry Mk.III


Used to assamble Mk.III injectable implants

Implant Circuitry Mk.III is a Component in The Surge 2. Implant Circuitry Mk.III is used to upgrade Injectable Implants from Mk.II to Mk.III. Components are dropped by enemies when a finishing blow is performed on an armored body part.



 Implant Circuitry Mk.III Use



How to Find Implant Circuitry Mk.III

  • Can be obtained by performing a killing blow on an armored enemy limb that has Mk.III Implants



Implant Circuitry Mk.III Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      Another consistent farm for these is killing the mace-wilding Spark Defender that's in Port Nixon right next to the exist to the Cathedral of the Spark. He almost always has a helmet to knock off for Mark 3 implant components.

      Be sure to use Energized Material Converted to double your farming spoils. It doesn't work on the robot dog, due to the unique nature of removing the tail. Since you can farm this guy without encountering any other mobs, then resetting by entering and leaving the Cathedral, this method is likely faster.

      • The only effective solution I have found to this is to farm the big 3 legged robot dog that spawns just inside the second security gate in Jericho City when you are on your way to Cloud 9 for the first time. The dog drops a +12 Ancillary Core the first time you cut its tail off and then Mk.IV Implant Circuitry every time after that. You can of course just break those down to get your Mk.IIIs. There is also a medbay incredibly close to the security gate so farming these doesn't take long at all.

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