Klokonov R-47 Autorifle

Fires a 3-round-burst of bullets
Damage 30 x 3
Cooldown 3
Omni-Cell Consumption 3(every burst)

Klokonov R-47 Autorifle is Combat Drone module in The Surge 2. Klokonov R-47 Autorifle is a combat oriented module that can be deployed to fire 3-round-burst projectiles at enemies. This allows to maintain a distance from enemies and increase the damage output while keeping you safe. The drone can also be used to lure enemies from a distance, avoiding other enemies in the vicinity or inconvenient terrain.


Klokonov R-47 Autorifle Usage

Deploy it first, then tap to fire a burst. Its 3-round-burst is efficient at killing enemies quickly(before entering NG+) at a cost of higher ammo consumption.

Where to find Klokonov R-47 Autorifle

Notes and Tips

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Builds That Use This Drone Module

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