Liquidator Leg Gear

Type Legs Gear Model MK. I
Set Liquidator Set Class Operator
Defense 15 Attack Speed 0%
Core Power 4 Stamina Cost Run -4%
Stability 59 Stamina Cost Evade 15%
Armored Damage 0% Fire Defense 9
Unarmored Damage 0% Poison Defense 45
Stamina Consumption 0% Electricity Defense 27
Impact 0% Nano Defense 27

Liquidator Leg Gear is one of the Legs Gear Armor in The Surge 2. Liquidator Leg Gear provides 15 defense, 59 stability and consumes 4 Core Power. Armor can be crafted by obtaining schematics from Enemies. You can learn more on the Crafting page.


Rated for the handling of corrosive materials, Liquidator gear is surprisingly resilient


Where to find Liquidator Leg Gear

  • Liquidator Leg Gear can be found at Dowtown Jericho City, at Gideons Plaza from Liquidator enemies.


Notes and Tips

  • Set Bonus:
    • Partial (3 pieces): Reduces Damage taken from poison and nano effects
    • Full (6 pieces): Elemental Defense +200
  • Required Tech Scrap To Upgrade:
  • Required Materials To Upgrade:


Builds That Use This Armor

  • Builds Info 1
  • Builds Info 2
  • Builds Info 3


Liquidator Leg Gear Upgrade Table

MK I 15 Bonus
MK II 27 Poison Defense +7
MK IV 35 Evade Stamina Consumption -3%
MK VI 41 Evade Stamina Consumption -4%
MK VII 43 ??
MK VIII 45 Run Stamina Consumption -7%
MK IX 47 N/A
MK X 49 Nano Defense +14
MK XX 65 N/A




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