Little Johnny

Location Port Nixon - Terminal Z

EMP-44 'Starfish'
Little Johnny's Forceps
 or Little Johnny's Forceps V2.0
5.000 Tech Scrap

Little Johnny is a Boss in The Surge 2. Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate Weapon, Gear and Combat Drones in order to defeat these formidable foes.

Little Johnny Location

  • Port Nixon - Terminal Z
  • This boss is not optional.


Little Johnny Rewards


Little Johnny Notes & Tips

  • Trivia: Voice Actor, etc goes here
  • Weakness: Nano


Little Johnny Strategies 

Strategy Writeup

The goal is to break his 5 cooling tanks: 2 on the cockpit and 1 on each leg. There're also 2 pincers on the cockpit, cutting both will reward you V2 weapon that deals poison damage, but they don't count as tanks.

Staying beneath the cockpit may bait him to use stomp attack, there's a little animation before the attack, giving you time to backdash and position yourself to charge an attack to the cockpits cooling tanks.

When a leg tank is destroyed, he'll be staggered and start releasing gas from the broken leg. You can go for one leg at a time, switch to another when it's low-health, then break them all at once.

Use your drone to shoot down the tanks on the cockpit when they're out of reach.

If you're having trouble with poison, Antidote Injection implant, full SPARK Defender Aspirant or Liquidator set may help.

Directional Parry is useful for this fight, but not necessary per se.

It's weak to nano damage (not electricity, even though it's a machine).

Hardcore Kill method

Cut off both claws.

Video Guide


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Attack from above with the rear leg Dodge aside and strike back
Crush you with the front legs Dodge backwards and strike back
Stand up and spawn starfish mines. Explode when stepped on, dealing electricity damage He remains immobile while doing this, so it's a good opportunity to attack his legs. Or use your drone to shoot the tanks on the cockpit
Leans backwards standing on two legs and throws poison from the lower part of his body He can't turn around while doing it, so you can attack his legs
Stand up then stomp down with the cockpit when player is near or beneath Dodge back or just keep distance, then strike back
Crush forward with the cockpit Dodge back/aside or parry his attack, then strike back
Swipe its pincers when player is near his front half arc Dodge back/aside or parry his attack, then strike back


Little Johnny Lore

  • His name is Johnathan. (From audiolog: Eli's Confession)
  • He knew it's Eli who killed their sister. (From audiolog: Brotherly Love)
  • The player doesn't directly kill Johnny, rather, he's burnt inside his machine. His head is preserved and kept alive in a tank at level-1 powerplant, Cathedral of the Spark. You can shut down the life support system and finish him off for good.



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    • Anonymous

      save the easiest cooling tanks to hit ,for last. The ones on his long legs. During certain attacks like poison spit or when he spills water, his legs are very still. You can hit them a little to recharge some energy and heal up.

      • Anonymous

        With Twin-Rigged, it's probably the most dynamic and memorable fight. With a Single-Rigged, you might get a stroke

        • Anonymous

          Fun fact: you can find his head in the Cathedral of the Spark and off him permanently. I didn't even realize it until it told me that Little Johnny was Offline. Dunno if that has any other effects though.

          • Anonymous

            Can I not kill him? I mean, he told his mother right before the fight that he's going to stop with the drugs, and also Eli seems like a much bigger threat. Can I kill Eli first? (Just started playing yesterday)

            • Anonymous

              For the 2.0 the order of claws or canisters don't affect. The only important is to execute the two claws before end with the other 5. In my opinion is best to attack the claws at first, canisters the second and end with the legs.

              • Anonymous

                I got the 2.0 weapon by breaking the tiny blue claws first, then the canisters. not sure if order matters but i didnt break a canister till the claws were dead

                • Anonymous

                  I got the 2.0 by destroying the 3 tentacles, then severing both tiny claws, and finally destroying the 2 canisters. It ads a corrosive buff.

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