Major General Ezra Shields (Metal Armor) is a Boss in The Surge 2.  Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate WeaponGear and Combat Drone in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Major General Ezra Shields Location


Major General Ezra Shields Rewards


Major General Ezra Shields Notes & Tips

  • See Metal Armor as well.
  • Trivia: Voice Actor, etc goes here , Voiced by:Doug cockle
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Major General Ezra Shields Boss Strategies

Strategy Writeup

Phase 1

The fight will begin against "Metal Armor". The general will be piloting a two legged Robot armed with a Mini-gun and a flamethrower.

The Boss moves and turns very slow. Try to stay near him while going in circles around him and dealing some damage. He won’t be able to kick you if you stay behind him. When you see the guns point down jump backwards, wait until the attack is over and go in again to deal some damage. When he throws fire at you, just run in circles until the attack is over and then continue dealing damage. When you see he is charging the flamethrower jump backwards and wait for the flames to extinguish then go back and keep dealing damage.


Phase 2

The general will be expelled from the robot and will fight you melee with punching gloves. The armor will still periodically fire beams at you and use the flamethrower. You can destroy the flamethrower by selecting the robot and selecting the limb. A good strategy is going around the robot while the general chases you. When he starts attacking you, jump away and attack the flamethrower. Once the flamethrower is destroyed, the robot will only fire beams at you.

Hardcore Kill method

Cut one of the General's arms for General's A.C.U. V2.0.

Destroy firearm of Metal Armor on phase 2 for Vulc-88 'Panthera' Rotary Gun.

Video Guide


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Beam Attack: If you are far enough, it will charge the Mini-Gun and perform a beam attack that deals high damage Dodge to either side or stay close to him so he doesn't use this attack
Mini-Gun Fire: It will continuously fire its Mini-gun at you Run in his direction and try to position yourself behind him.
Flamethrower Attack: It can perform a beam fire attack from the flamethrower at your direction dealing damage and burning status Try to run in circles to avoid the beam.
Mini-Gun Close Range Attack: When you are below him, it will point its mini-gun down dealing damage in all the AOE below him Try to dodge backwards when you see the Mini-gun is being pointed down. Once the attack is over, go in to deal some damage
Flamethrower Explosion: When you are below him, it will sometimes charge the flamethrower and then release an explosion dealing damage and leaving fire around his location Jump backwards and wait for the fire to extinguish. Once it does, go in to deal some damage.
Kick Attack: If you stay in front of him, he can sometimes kick you throwing you far away and dealing moderate damage Try to dodge either side
Phase 2
Unblockable slam from above Dodge backwards and stay at a safe distance. When
Three hit combo: It will perform a three hit combo from either side. Try to directional block or dodge backwards.



Major General Ezra Shields Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

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    • Anonymous

      flame resistant gearset for phase one, thats really the worst of the phase. Spam some gun when the flame forces you to go back , I used staff for its wide and quick swings, so I can hit back easily.

      phase 2 is way easier. The melee boss isnt that good at chasing you. You can lure him back, then just rush and start smacking the gun arm and back away if he chases and it gets dangerous.( if you want the hardcore kill)/ There were a bunch of things like containers around, which can separate the general from his robot.

      I would recommend a staggering set once you decide to down him. A hammer that spams horizontal strikes, armor with massive impact arms. You can actually stun lock him if the set offers a lot of impact. Use the elite armor of the guards so hammer weapons can get a passive impact boost to their already insane base impact.

      • Anonymous

        Used gaia armor +1 and AID type 11 overseer weapon. Phase 1 is hardest as you have to dodge undodgable flame. Try to lurk him near containers then charge attack from there. Try to stay not fully behind him. Phase 2 imediatelly rush his flame arm and destroy it in combo. The dude will use jump attack and after it hit him. He is very easy to stagger so you can land good 3-4 hits. This will replinish 2 of your energy bars with overseer weapon so you have plenty of heal and time. As i said phase 1 is very bad because of that undodgable flame.

        • Anonymous

          hit hit hit hit doge doge doge jump die hit hit hit doge jump die hit hit hit hit hit doge doge doge aaghh fail parry fail parry die get mad do that over and over leaves and changes game so can calm down

          • Anonymous

            This fight would be much more enjoyable if it started with the general and finished with the armor. There's too much of a time investment getting the armor down in order to enjoy learning the parry timing on punchy McGroundstomp. I also mourn soulslikes that gave you one on one fights that didn't have adds or 'distractions' but the main player base would be bored and complain it's too easy otherwise so I'll throw my hands up on that one.

            • Anonymous

              I happened to improv a strategy that got me both hardcore drops. If you kill the mech in the middle of the arena you can just run around it the entire second phase, stopping every now and then to slap around the flamethrower arm, and the general's AI is too dumb to do anything except chase you in circles. Once the mech is done, just parry the guy and go for his weapon hand. If he's too much to handle that way, refer back to the "run in circles, stop to kite, run in circles again" method. He also seems really easy to stagger, but I was using rhino arm gear

              • Anonymous

                super frustrating fight BUT a few tips that worked for me at least

                Scarab Armor fullset, helps a lot. Liquidator isnt as helpful but if you missed the Scarab it could make due. Scarab honestly helped tremendously, though i never used the armor again

                Try to not get behind him too much, because if you do this seems to be what triggers his aggravating "the floor is lava" effect. and if you stray too far he lobs the napalm

                Delver Helix 2.0 staff was my go to for phase 1 because its horizontal swings can slap the leg and the flamethrower tank. Since youre not cutting parts from the Mech its a full go damage fest for once until phase 2

                The general himself has a frustratingly fast attack speed on a few moves, especially some rolling dive he does. your safe bet opening is after his leap attack.

                • Anonymous

                  I can’t run from the flamethrower because he leads all his shots, I’ve literally been hit by the beam each time I run from it unless I try to juke it out

                  • Anonymous

                    he covers the whole floor with fire and then uses rotary gun which moves faster than my character can run. cannot escape. this is not fun. whoever designs this fight is a piece of trash.

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