Matriarch Celeste is a Boss in The Surge 2.  Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate WeaponGear and Combat Drone in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Matriarch Celeste Location


Matriarch Celeste Rewards


Matriarch Celeste Notes & Tips

  • Trivia: Voice Actor, etc goes here
  • She is immune to Electricity build-up in both forms, so she cannot be Electrified/stunned. She takes normal Nanite, Fire and Poison damage and build-up though.
  • Although she uses Icon of the Spark as a spear in the first phase, it's actually a double-duty weapon with a regular double-duty moveset.


Matriarch Celeste Boss Strategies

Strategy Writeup

Phase 1

There are two strategies. You can stay near to her and try to directional block her attacks while striking back. Her attacks are rather simple so you won’t have problems

The other strategy involves getting away from her and wait until she charges at you. It’s easy to parry the charge. After you’ve parried her charge she will almost always attack from above. Parry it and you’ll stagger her. After dealing some damage take some distance from her and repeat until Phase 2 begins.

Another way is to select a Heavy Duty weapon (possibly Living Jawbone, as it hits the hardest at that point in NG), then directional parry her attacks and ONLY attack as a riposte. It will do ~1.2K dmg per hit and sap away her health in just a few hits. Make sure not to attack normally though, as the weapon hits way slower than she does, so you'll inevitably trade his with her.

Phase 2

The field will be electrified on the sides and in a cross line so try to stay in one of the quarters. A good strategy is staying near her and focusing on the directional parry. If she uses the hug attack, you can opt for dodging and dealing some damage or parrying, let her grab you and then deal damage to her. Try not to stand behind her as she can use her mechanical arms to stagger you and deal high damage. You can destroy her mechanical arms, if you do, she will be more limited in her attacks.

You can stick to Heavy Duty here, too, if you'd like to. Avoid her spinning and grab attacks, and when the time is right, go in and start a spinning combo with the weapon. You will get damaged but if you play aggressively, you'll have enough energy to outheal her DPS and you might just stagger her with the spins. It also gets a nice amount of damage in per combo. When the spin ends, back away, rinse and repeat. You need a lot of stamina and a good amount of energy though to sustain healing. 

Hardcore Kill method

Destroy both mechanical arms on her back by performing finishing blows.

Video Guide


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Weapon Charge: She will fly to your location striking with her weapon. Most time it will follow the attack with another attack from above. This Attack is really easy to directional block. Wait until she is near and directional block.
Strike from either side: She can strike from either side with her weapon Try to directional block or dodge backwards
Two hit combo: She can perform a two hit combo attacking from below and then from above. Try to directional block or dodge either side
Weapon Throw: She can throw her weapon forward and then it will come back. She remains immobile while doing it, dodge to either side and then go in to deal some damage.
 Phase 2
Two Hit combo: Attack from below and then from above  Try to directional parry. If you can't, evade to either side
Hug attack: Brings you close to her and deals damage. You can either evade to either side (out of her reach) or block and let her grab you
Electric Slam & Electric Throw: She will slam the ground sending a wave of electricity around the room. Then she will trhow a projectile made of electricity. You cant evade the electricity from the slam. Try to go far away and evade the shock she sends at you.
Rolling attack: She will come rolling at you attacking from either side. Try to directional block. The attack continues even if you successfully block, so hold the button until the attack is over.
Mechanical Arms attack: Attack from above with Mechanical Arms. It’s an easy attack to directional block. You can also dodge to either side.
Mechanical Arms backward attack: She will lean backward and attack you with her mechanical arms if you are behind her. Try not to stay behind her. She will stagger you with continuous attacks.



Matriarch Celeste Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.


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    • Anonymous

      cutting her arms in phase 2 is infinitely easier by parry and counter hit. It does tons of armor damage. my problem was killing her too quick. just avoid the temptation of comboing her.

      • Anonymous

        I had no trouble with the arms, in my strategy, when I was almost out of stamina, or close to paralyze, I would back up far, then come in with a jump attack when I was good to go. Maybe those hit her arms better? I also had the implant that allows attacks to focus parts better.

        I had a tank build with point respec to focus life over other stats. Had 800 life during the fight. Plus heath regen and lifesteal, I could easily trade hits with her.
        I think just spamming horizontal strike doesnt always smack her mechanical arms ? Im not sure about that. A surefire way is to use a level downed weapon, maybe the equalizer, I doubt people level that. Then just beat up her arms with it, then go back to main weapon.

        • Anonymous

          I just killed her with the finishing blow that severed her second mechanical arm. Only received version 1 of her weapon. So make sure you severe the second mechanical arm *BEFORE* you finish her.

          • Anonymous

            If you are having trouble surviving and cutting her arms in the second phase, try using the Angel suit of armor and the codename:lohengrin staff weapon. The high armor and electricity resist help survive the face tanking, and the reach of the staff w/ high energy gain helps in cutting off the mechanical arms in the second phase to get Icon of the Spark v2.0.

            • Anonymous

              This boss was pretty hard since I suck at parrying I just preferred to be able to take a bunch of hits this boss could have been fun if she didnt have the electric effect I hate when it just makes it so you cant run or attack or do anything

              • Anonymous

                TO all of those who struggle severing her mechanical arms BEFORE killing her, it may sound stupid but be sure you've locked her mechanical arms and not her proper arms ^^

                • Honestly an easy fight if you have tanky armor.
                  Pay the 500 to respect fully into stamina and energy
                  all you need after that is energy gain when hit, consume energy bar to restore health if you are dealt a killing blow, and as many +energy gain implants as you have
                  spam R1/R2 with a high energy gain weapon
                  you can legit face-tank her, no dodging/parrying needed

                  • Anonymous

                    I couldn't stand the electric floor nonsense and.found she can be interrupted while doing the charge sparing you an electrified floor. Anytime you see her start the move dash in and one hit is all it takes to cancel.

                    • Anonymous

                      Honestly, if you invest the time to learn to parry, this boss is a cakewalk. Chain a few successful parries and she'll be staggered, leaving windows to deal massive amounts of damage. And her attacks are pretty well readable, so parrying shouldn't be too hard.

                      • Anonymous

                        Only way I found to get V2 is to put on some tankier armor and the +defense after block implant and parry her attacks in phase 2. Only damage I used on her arms was charged horizontal poke with purple Gaia spear and the single hit after successful parry when she turns around(this breaks a lot of the armor). Using any sort of high DPS combos I would just kill her without breaking the second arm so be slow and patient if you want that v2.

                        • Anonymous

                          Ez as hell with tanki build + energy when damaged implant, no brains needed. Problem is getting her arms b4 i kill her ...

                          • Anonymous

                            phase one use charged heavy dmg on her arms/head imediatly after dodge her attak.. phase 2 stay close and use block direction implant to easy see when to dodge after dodge, one hit(depends on your weapon) her and go back to wait her attak .. if u stay close she will not charge and dodge her attaks is quite easy in phase two is important fight her on edge of arena were is enought space without eletric fields on ground unfortunetly i wasnt able to cut off both of her arms even if i used weapon only on lvl6 .. i deal too much dmg that i kill her before i was able to cut off her second arm

                            • Anonymous

                              Of particular note, you need to perform a sucessful parry/block to detach an arm... if you wait (as I did) until her health is too low to figure it out, then you'll kill her after one arm is cut and only get the basic weapon.

                              • Anonymous

                                She is really easy to kill without severing her arms. I tried a few times and always killed her before fully destroying her arms. I had to use a lower leveled weapon to break both of them then switch to a more powerful one to finish her off

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