Medi-Voltaic Injection

Medi-Voltaic Injection
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Type Injectables
Effects Injectable that uses 1 battery to restore health

Medi-Voltaic Injection is one of the Injectables Implants in The Surge 2. Medi-Voltaic Injection is an injectable that uses 1 battery to restore health and consumes 0 Core Power when equipped. Implants can be obtained by performing a finishing blow on enemy body parts, inside chests, purchased from Merchants or found dropped at various locations.



Medi-Voltaic Injection Detail

Dr. Gene Barret, one of CREO's leading research scientists discovered that by mimicking intracelullar electrical activity, a spontaneous healing process could be triggered in epithelial and muscular tissue. Only a short time later, mass production of the earliest Medi-Voltaic circuits had begun.


Medi-Voltaic Injection Use

  • Uses 1 battery to restore health.
  • A limited number of uses can be "stored" to allow healing without spending energy.
    • Charges can be gained by using first aid stations while health is full.


How to Find Medi-Voltaic Injection

  • Medi-Voltaic Injection can be obtained automatically when installing the exo-rig at the first Medbay in Detention Center.



Medi-Voltaic Injection Notes & Tips

  • Developers combined the functionality of the Vital Injector (limited use from medbay) with the Medi-Voltaic injector (health from battery) implants from the original game.
  • Stored usage is similar to Estus Flasks, though at the start the medbay alone does not provide stored charges.




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