Nano Damage

 Type Offensive Attribute

Nano Damage in The Surge 2 is an Offensive StatNano Damage is determined by Weapons and applies Nano Damage to the characters attacks. Using higher level Weapons or upgrading them, can provide with additional Nano Damage.

Nano Damage Effect

  • Nano Damage applied to a target will build up a status bar. When the bar is filled, it triggers a burst of damage on the target. Nano creatures are immune to this damage type.

Sources of Nano Damage

  • Armor
    • Dark Prophecy or Archangel's fullset(unleash nano mist for a while after executing enemy with weapon that inflict nano damage)
    • Nano Ward full set(successfully directionally blocking an enemy attack triggers a nano explosion)
    • Chrysalis partial set (adds nano damage to all weapon attacks)
  • Environment
    • nano crystalline pool

Equipments that provide effective protection against Nano Damage

Notes and Tips

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