Proto's Power Core


A broken power core emitting sparks at an odd frequency. It's going to run out of energy any moment

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Proto's Power Core is a Quest Item in The Surge 2. Proto's Power Core Can be charged at the maintenance tunnel located outside the Drive In to acquire the quest item Proto's Power Core (Charged). Quest Items are found in specific areas of a Location or are given by NPCs.



 Proto's Power Core Use



How to Find Proto's Power Core

  • Obtained from Proto in his maintain cell located underneath a garagein front of the Convenience Store on V.B.S Krakow.


Proto's Power Core Notes & Tips

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    • Took me some time, the charge location is *not* the shortcut passageway directly outside the drive in, it is a hole in the ground on the lawn in front of a house opposite the entrance behind a bush/fence you have to break open

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