Safe Shelter

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A call to action, for anyone willing to let bygones be bygones

Safe Shelter is an Audio Log in The Surge 2. Safe Shelter is used to provide with Quests and Story information and can be also provided to Mr. Scrappy which will give you a reward every 10 new. Audio Logs are found in specific areas of a Location or are given by NPCs.



 Safe Shelter Use



How to Find Safe Shelter

  • Riverside Street - Port Nixon Exit
  • Will only appear after THE Cataclysmic event and the fight with Eli Revived.
  • More Info: its where you can kill 2 guard really earlier on the game, with both shield
    and they are really strongs for your current level when you start the game,
    then you use the panel to enter the Exit to Nixon, which lead you to a zip-line you cannot use,
    when you start the game. Return here after The Event and you will find the AudioLog



Safe Shelter Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other notes...





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    • Anonymous

      Seem's to appear only after a certain ''big event'' that everyone talk about, at the exact same location of all guide describe it, but really can't be found on earlier.

      i'm following a walkthrough of the game from a youtuber, dating of OCT 2019 and the game been out in SEPT 2019.
      im at his exact same point of story and it dosn't appear for me, so they really update it to only appear certain event later on story

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