SPARK Engineer are hostile Enemies in The Surge 2 that the player can confront to obtain Tech Scrap, Consumables, Schematics, Weapons and Implants. Enemies posses different movesets and most of them respawn after using a Medbay. They can spawn wearing the complete Gear Set or only some parts leaving others unarmored.


SPARK Engineer Combat Information

They can craft drones and turrets in the battlefield and fight in close quarter combat with their weapon.

  • They can craft Automated Turrets
  • They can craft Explosive Drone
  • They can craft Electro Drone
  • They can craft an Electro Turret

SPARK Engineer Location

SPARK Engineer Gear, Weapon and Implants

  • SPARK Engineer uses Hammer weapons.
  • They can spawn wearing a combination of the following:


SPARK Engineer Notes & Tips

  • ??



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