Spark Engineer's Multitool

Type Hammers
Model MK. I
damage_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_16px  Raw 90
impact_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_44px16px Impact 18
nano_damage_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_16px Special fire_damage_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_16px0
attack_speed_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_24px Attk Speed 110%
energy_gain_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_16px Energy Gain +40%
stamina_consumption_1_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_16px Stam Consumption 95%

Spark Engineer's Multitool is one of the Hammers Weapons in The Surge 2. Spark Engineer's Multitool deals 90 raw damage and has 18 impact. It provides 110% attack speed, +40% energy gain and consumes 95% stamina. Weapons can be found from Enemies and/or Bosses, and can be found inside Chests.

Technicians and mechanists of the Spark use these anointed tools to maintain their creed's holy machinery, from robotics to weaponry and extensive physical implants. As devotees of the Spark advance in their enlightenment, they seek out engineers to craft, purify, and implant new technology into their flesh.


Where to find Spark Engineer's Multitool

  • Spark Engineer's Multitool can be found at Spark Engineer enemies in Port Nixon.


Notes and Tips

  • Required Materials To Upgrade: Tungsten Alloy


Builds That Use This Weapon

See Builds page for other weapons and combinations.

  • No Current Builds For This Weapon



Spark Engineer's Multitool Upgrade Table


Model Raw Damage Upgrade Bonus Materials Required Scrap Cost
Mk. 0 77 N/A N/A N/A
Mk. I 90 N/A N/A N/A
Mk. II 111 N/A N/A N/A
Mk. III 131 N/A 3 Tungsten Alloy Mk. III 925
Mk. IV 154 Attack Speed +1% 3 Tungsten Alloy Mk. IV 1296
Mk. V 181 N/A 3 Tungsten Alloy Mk. V 1666
Mk. VI 213 Impact +2 3 Tungsten Alloy Mk. VI  
Mk. VII 250 N/A 3 Tungsten Alloy Mk. VII  
Mk. VIII 299 Attack Speed +2% 3 Tungsten Alloy Mk. VIII  
Mk. IX 351 N/A 3 Tungsten Alloy Mk. IX  
Mk. X 423 N/A 3 Tungsten Alloy Mk. X  
Mk. XX  733 N/A 6 Tungsten Alloy Mk. XX  



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