The Kraken Expansion is a DLC for The Surge 2. This Expansion includes a new Location called VBS Krakow and a new story line for players to discover. The Expansion also includes new Weapons, Armor, Implants, Enemies and Bosses. Below you can find a complete list with all the Equipment for The Kraken Expansion in The Surge 2.

The Kraken Expansion DLC

Welcome to the VBS Krakow, a massive decommissioned aircraft carrier retrofitted as a retreat for the rich and famous. Mysteriously beached on the shores of Jericho City, this seafaring Stepford home has had its AI security systems go haywire and it's up to you to find out why and stop it! Fight your way through a retro-themed suburban environment battling pirates and security systems aboard a desolate military vessel and find the truth behind the VBS Krakow!

The Kraken Expansion includes:

You can see our Walkthrough for a complete guide including all Bosses, Items and Quests included in this expansion.

In order to Access the Kraken DLC you will first to reach a specific part of the game




This DLC is only accessible after you defeat Major General Ezra Shields. After the world event that changes the environment you will have to continue the story until you reach Gideon's Rock. Head to the Cloud 9 Bar and just before you enter you will receive a message from H.A.R.O.L.D. letting you know that a former CREO engineer has run ashore in Port Nixon and needs your help.

From this point you will have to head to Port Nixon Flooded Grounds (You can visit the Walkthrough for more information on how to reach the area) Here you will find a small boat on the same place where you found the Vibrating Quickscythe.

Interact with the boat to reach the new Location.

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