VBS Krakow is a Location in The Surge 2. The VBS Krakow becomes available through The Kraken Expansion. You'll first need to defeat Major General Ezra Shields and trigger the World Event. From this point you'll be able to access the VBS Krakow from Port Nixon.



VBS Krakow Part 1


General Information


Video Walkthrough

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NPCs in the area



Quest Items:

  • Norm Turner's Garage Key
  • Fuse Box Key
  • Penny's Vegan Frankfurters
  • Music Tape
  • Garage Key Card
  • Captain's Luggage
  • Proto's Power Core
  • Proto's Power Core (Charged)
  • Black Box
  • Strange Memory Chip
  • Backyard Key
  • Control Device
  • Captain's Luggage

Audio Logs:

  • ???


  • ???



Combat Drone Modules:




  • One-Handed Pirate
  • Hammer Pirate
  • CORSAIR Pirate
  • Poison Spitter
  • Saw Pirate
  • Single-Rigged Pirate

Full VBS Krakow Walkthrough


The VBS Krakow is only accessible after you defeat Major General Ezra Shields. After the world event that changes the environment, you will have to continue the story until you reach Gideon's Rock. Head to the Cloud 9 Bar and just before you enter you will receive a message from H.A.R.O.L.D. letting you know that a former CREO engineer has run ashore in Port Nixon and needs your help.


Head to Port Nixon. When you enter, you will receive a radio message from H.A.R.O.L.D. reminding you about the mission.


Head down and towards the Comic Store (Located before the bridge leading to the Medbay) and use the elevator. Turn left to reach the Paper Street then turn right.


Continue straight until you reach the open area. Use the descending stairs located to your right to reach the Flooded Grounds.


Along the shore to the left, you will be able to see the boat leading to the VBS Krakow (the same place where you found the Vibrating Quickscythe). Get on the boat and interact with the controls to access the VBS Krakow.


You will find yourself standing on a small Island. You will also see a mechanical bird in front of you. When you get close enough the bird will activate an EMP and your drone will become inoperative for a short moment. Then the bird will fly back to the VBS Krakow.


There are no items on the Island so use the magnetic line to board the ship. Sidney will contact you and you will reach Turner Family Backyard. Here you will find a Medbay and Norm Turner.


Talk to Norm Turner and he will let you know that a pirate Invasion has taken over the VBS Krakow and that Sidney needs your help to restore order. Agree to help him and you will obtain the Quests Find the Tower and Breaking The Norm. He will also give you the quest item Norm Turner's Garage Key.


Get inside the garage and open the door using the panel. Sidney will contact you and you will see a Giant robot called CAIN (Carrier A.I. Network). The robot projects a red laser that's constantly moving. If you get caught by the red laser all the pirates in the vicinity will attack you and Poison Spitters will appear.


On the other side of the street you can see 2x Hammer Pirate. You can get Rusty Ravager Weapon from them as well as parts of the COLLECTIVE Set. You can also get the Directional Material Extractor Implant by cutting their heads.


Head left and search the corner of the Turner's house. You will find 1x Saw Pirate and audiolog Estate Sail.


Go back to the main street and you will see 2x Single-Rigged Pirates (You can get the Oxidizer Weapon from them) to your right and 1x Hammer Pirate and 1x Single-Rigged Pirate scavenging the bushes.


After you defeat them, search between the red car and the pink house to find 1x Large Pile of Metal Scrap. Keep going until you see a green Van. Be careful as 1x Hammer Pirate will come out of it as soon as you approach it.


Head to the garage located to the right of the Van. As soon as you get close 1x Corsair Pirate will appear. This enemy may look intimading at first, but is slow and easy to predict. Wait for him to attack and either parry or dodge to then strike back. Be careful of the big swing he does, as it deals high damage and covers a large area. You can get parts of the CORSAIR Set from his body parts and Ishmael's Wrath by cutting his arms. You can jump the fence on the left to find a chest containing Techscrap Force Converter Implant.


You can find audiolog AI Training for Dummies outside the Garage. Head inside the garage and behind the car you will find Skip Hansson who is missing an arm. Talk to him and he will give you the key item: Fuse Box Key before he dies.


Look behind you, and you will see a metallic door. Destroy it using your weapon and head down through the elevator. You will find audiolog Maitenance Log 1/3. Keep going through the tunnel and you will find a magnetic lock. Break it to gain access back to the Medbay located at the Turners House. This path is useful to avoid CAIN detection.


Head back to the main street and enter the Convenience Store located left of the Green Ban. Inside you will find Vend-A-Tron. You can restore the machine by using the Fuse Box Key. Talk to Vend-A-Tron and you will get access to his wares. You can get key items: Penny's Vegan Frankfurters and Music Tape. You can also get audiolog Glory, Gory Revolution.


Buy the Penny's Vegan Frankfurters and head back to Norm Turner. Talk to him and give him the frankfurters. He will confess that he doesn't remember anything about the pirate siege. The quest Breaking The Norm will update.


Head back to the outside of the convenience store and keep going. You will encounter 1x Pirate Poison Spitter. These robots will throw balls of poison from a distance and hide underground when you get near. You can use the EMP-44 'Starfish' drone to expose them and stun them. Turn left and defeat 1x Hammer Pirate, you will find audiolog The Gossip Patrol behind the Convenience Store. Go back and check behind the fence. On the left of the land mower you can find implant Dynamic Redirector.


Go back to the main street and fight 1x Rocket Pirate and 1x Corsair Pirate, watch out the Van as 1x Hammer Pirate will come out of it when you are near.


Once you are done with the enemies destroy the Magnetic lock located at the side of the Garage. This will open the door. When you step inside 2x Pirate Saw will attack you. Once you destroy them, you can destroy the metallic fence to access the magnetic lift. Head down and fight 1x Pirate Saw. Behind it you will find Proto. Talk to him and accept to aid him to obtain the quest The Outsider and key item Proto's Power Core.


There is a chest in the corner of the room with Killer Klaw inside of it.


Go left and you will find a magnetic lock. Break it to gain access to a magnetic Lift leading back to the front of the Convenience Store. Go back to the garage and pass the door. You will see the Mechanical Bird and it will perform a scan on you. There is 1x Pile of Metal Scrap on the floor. Head down using the stairs and you will reach Meeting Point.


As soon as you go down the stairs 1x Rocket Pirate will fire you from inside the building called Below Deck. Enter the building and keep going. You will find 1x Pile of Metal Scrap and a magnetic lift. Use it and open the door to gain access back to the Medbay located at the Turners Backyard.


Go back to the meeting point and defeat 1x Corsair Pirate. Beware as there are 2x Rocket Pirate and 1x Pirate Saw behind him. You can find 3 destructible fences to your left. In the second one there is a chest with 1x Large Cache of Advanced Tech. If you look back and over the edge of the ship, you will see a boat with an item. Jump to the boat and you will find audiolog Act of Courage and quest item Captain's Luggage.


Go up using the magnetic lift. You'll have to fight 2x Hammer Pirate and 1x Poison Spiter. You can also find audiolog Get off my lawn, you damn kids!. Go inside the building and you will find 1x One-Handed Pirate wielding the Deus Axe Weapon.


Go out the house and you will find a small backyard with 2x Hammer Pirate. Once you defeat them look for a Garage. Once you approach it a Boss fight will begin against Collective Incinerator.



He uses a giant hammer to attack you and has 3 block bars. Every time he attacks with his axe, it will leave a fire patch on the ground that causes Fire Damage.



  • Fire Wave: It will raise the hammer from below sending a wave of fire forward and leaving fire patches on the ground. Counter: Dodge to either side and avoid the patchs
  • Charge: It will charge at the player while holding the axe facing his back. Counter: Dodge to either side
  • Slam From Above: It will raise the axe and Strike from above, dealing high damage and leaving a big fire patch on the ground. When he picks up the Axe 1x Poison Spitter will appear from below the ground. Counter: If you block the attack neither the patch of fire or the Poison Spitter will appear. If you partially block the attack the patch of fire will appear but not the Poison Spitter.
  • Axe Swing: He will swing his axe from the left in a wide area leaving a circular patch of fire around him. Counter: You can either block it or dodge two times to either side. If you stay beneath its legs while blocking, the attack won't reach you.
  • Axe Thrust: It will point his axe and you and thrust you. This attack has a very long reach. Counter: You can block it from above or Dodge to either side

REWARDS: Garage Key Card


Once you defeat the boss check the area to the side of the garage to find 1x Cache of Advanced Tech. Open the garage door and Sydney will contact you to give you further instructions and the quest Find the Tower will update.


Head into the streets and fight 2x Hammer Pirate, 1x One-Handed Pirate and 2x Corsair Pirate. Beware as all of them will attack you at once if CAIN spots you. Explore the area to find 1x Large Pile of Metal Scrap. You can also find audiolog Drive-In-Commercial inside the Drive in along with 1x Hammer Pirate and 1x Large Pile of Metal Scrap.


There is a magnetic lift next to the cars. Go down and fight 1x Pirate Saw. You will find audiolog Maintenance Log 3/3. Keep going until you see a door panel. Use to to access a small room where you can charge Proto's Power Core. This will update the quest The Outsider and provide you with key item: Proto's Power Core (Charged).


Go back outside and turn left from the stairs. You will find a small room called Proto's Hideout where you can see Proto watching TV. Talk to him and the quest will be complete. You will obtain key item Black Box (You can give it to Norm Turner for the quest Breaking The Norm) and the audiolog Robot Ramblings.


Head down the stairs and keep going. The doors will close and you will become trapped. The energy will go out and you will not be able to see (You can turn on your Exosuit Lights). After a short time, the door behind you will become jammed and you will be able to open it. Behind, you will find 1x Hammer Pirate waiting for you.


Once you defeat him, go back outside and you will find that the main doors of the Drive In are open. There is also a magnetic lift on the left. Go down and you will be able to open a door back to the Meeting point.


Go back to the Medbay and talk to Norm Turner. Give him the Black Box and he will provide you with audiolog Black Box Recording. Talk back to Norm Turner and the quest Breaking The Norm will update.


Go back to the Drive-In and go inside. You will see Sidney on the left, talk to her. The quest Find the Tower will update.


Look to your right, you will see a green console. Activate it and the ramp will start moving. CAIN will start looking at you and waves of enemies will start to appear.

  • First Wave: 2x Single-Rigged Pirate.
  • The second Wave: 1x Single-Rigged Pirate, 2x Hammer Pirate.


Enemy waves will stop. Activate the console located on the back of the truck and enemies will start spawning again. NOTE: There is no limit to the amount of enemies spawning. So if you want to farm techscrap and materials quick this may be a good chance as you can continuously kill robots without end.


To continue, go up the stage and activate the second console. After the console is activated, keep killing enemies until Sidney tells you to activate the third console that is located next to the car. From here you will have to run to the rear right part of the car and interact to kick it.


This will cause all robots to deactivate and create a magnetic Line. Use the magnetic line, there is a chest to your right with 1x Large Cache of Advanced Tech to your right.


If you look behind the stage, you will see an open passage. Jump there and explore the area. You will find 2x Saw Pirate and a chest with Chalkidiki Weapon inside. Jump back and use the Exo Line Again. Head left and use the magnetic Lift to reach the Epicenter


Once you reach the top level, you will see Sidney and CAIN. She will ask you to activate the console. Before doing that head right and you will see a way inside the building. Go inside and go down using the magnetic Lift to reach the R&D Room. Here you will find audiolog The Plea and the quest item Strange Memory Chip required for the quest Breaking The Norm.


Go back to the Epicenter and activate the console in front of Sidney. CAIN will come out of his shell and jump into the pool. Use the magnetic line to follow him. Once you reach the bottom 1x CORSAIR Pirate will be waiting for you. After you defeat him explore the area to find 1x Cache of Advanced Tech and audiolog Maintenance Log 2/3.


From here you can go back to Norm Turner. Give him the Strange Memory Chip and he will turn on fire and reveal he is a robot. He will give you quest item Backyard Key and tell you that he is leaving Sidney and to meet him back on the beach. Go down to the beach using the magnetic line and talk to the robotic Norm. He will tell you that he is going to live on his own in Jericho City. You'll obtain audiolog Marriage Breakdown and graffiti tag Susage Fest!


Go back to the pool. You can use the Backyard Key open the door next to the audiolog to activate the pump that drains the water off the pool. This will allow you to acquire the Red Hot Poker weapon as an additional drop during CAIN fight. Jump inside the pool and the fight against CAIN will Begin



CAIN Core Protector


You can attack his left arm to make the mechanical bird fly away. This will prevent the EMP strikes.

You can destroy the mechanical ball remove one of his arms each time. He has 8 arms and if you remove them all he will lose the Tornado Ability.

Cain's attacks have a very long reach so it's difficult to fight him from a distance. If you have a tank build you can face him from a close distance. Focus on his legs and every time you break one of them he will become staggered providing you a good opportunity to heal and recover.

If you are not playing a tank build you can wait for him to attack to strike back. When he performs the tornado attack you can use the EMP-44 'Starfish' to stagger him. You can also use your drone to aim to his legs and break them off to stagger him and provide a good attack opportunity.

Mechanical Arm Strike:

  • Attack: It will scan the area around the player and a red painting will appear on the ground. After a short period a mechanical arm will fall on the red area dealing high damage.
  • Counter: You easily dodge the attack by jumping forward when you see the red painting on the ground. Use the opportunity to strike back

Oil Jump:

  • Attack: It will jump towards the player dealing moderate damage and leaving a Oil patch where he lands. He can make many jumps per attack. If you get near the oil your vision will become obstructed.
  • Counter:Dodge when its about to land. Keep dodging until the attack is complete and avoid the oil patches.

Ignite Oil:

  • Attack: If you stay near the oil patches it will jump over them and ignite them. You will take fire damage if you stay over them
  • Counter: Jump backwards and avoid the fire patches

Weapon Thrust:

  • Attack: It will charge the weapon and thrust towards the player. This attack has long reach and deals high damage.
  • Counter: You parry the attack from above or dodge to either side.

Tornado Attack

  • Attack: It will summon a tornado around his body. If you get near him it will cause damage. He can also use the mechanical bird to attack you from a distance.
  • Counter: You can cancel this attack and stun him by using the EMP-44 'Starfish' while the attack is activated. This provides a very good opportunity to deal damage.

Four Hit Combo:

  • Attack: It will perform a strike from the left, then from above and then two times from the left.
  • Counter: You try to block the attacks but make sure you have enough stamina. You can also jump backwards two times.

EMP Strike:

  • Attack: The mechanical bird will emit an EMP that will disable your combat drone for a period of time.
  • Counter: Stay away to avoid the EMP

Two Hit Combo:

  • Attack: t will perform a wide strike from the left and then from Below. This attack has a very long reach.
  • Counter: Its very difficult to avoid the attack due to its reach. Try to parry it.

Rewards: You will get Ungula Universalis by defeating him. You will also get Red Hot Poker if you drained the water from the pool. You can get the Parrobotic Drone hardcore reward by cutting his left arm

Once you have defeated CAIN use the ramp to leave the pool. Destroy the metallic fecnce and use the magnetic lift. You will reach a console. Interact with it and you will have to choose between lending control over to CAIN or to Sidney.


  • If you give control back to CAIN he will take control over the ship and send one of the Norm robots to kill Sidney. NOTE: If Norm Turner is still on board the boat he will turn hostile. You can obtain the Fisherman's Fiend from his right arm.
  • If you give control back to Sidney she will destroy CAIN and tell you to leave the ship. She will also tell you that she will install herself as a new AI to run the ship.

Once you are done, open the door. You will find 4 chests containing: 7x Grenade Drone, 5x Molotov Cocktail, 1x SSM 'Vanguard' Missile, 1x SPARK Engineer's Turret, 1x Proximity Mine and Bangin' Specs head gear.


Continue ahead and you will reach a magnetic lift leading back to the Medbay. Here you will find a message from Athena asking you to come back and help her.

Before leaving the DLC, you can return to the Drive In area to meet Proto sitting inside of a car on the fighter launch track. Proto offers dialogue two dialogue options: 1. Proto asks to hang out & watch movies - which will reward The Biggest Bang headgear after a couple of minutes of intermittent dialogue. 2. Proto offers an arena fight against waves of DLC enemies similar to the story mission fight in the area.

Finally, you can stop by the vending machine to pick up a couple new Graffiti tags & CAIN's base Tenta-Kill weapon (if the hardcore variants were obtained during his boss fight).



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Trivia & Notes:

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