Controls for The Surge 2 are the input methods for the player to interact with the game. Since The Surge 2 is available on consoles and PC, there's the possibility to use Keyboard and Mouse, however it's advisable for players to consider a gamepad as the game was development with such in mind.


Controls for The Surge 2

 Players can customize their controller scheme by using the in-game settings. 

PC Controls

Move: W, A, D, S

Camera: Moving the mouse, can also be used with Up, Down, Left, Right arrows.

Block: Left CTRL

Vertical Attack: Right Mouse Click

Horizontal Attack: Left Mouse Click

Sprint: Hold Left SHIFT

Walk: Hold Q

Evade/Jump: Space Bar

Interact: Hold E

Drone: Press “1”

Cycle Drone Modules: Press “2”

Injectable: F

Lock Target: Middle Mouse

Gear Lights: R

Cycle Targets: TAB

Cycle Favorite Weapons (can be selected on inventory menu): G

Cycle Body Part Counterclockwise: Mouse Wheel Up

Cycle Body Part Clockwise: Mouse Wheel Down

Cycle Injectables: C

Inventory: I

Menu: Esc

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    • Anonymous

      What button do you press to respec at a medbay? The symbol in the UI is a left pointing arrow (" <- ") but, upon, testing that doesn't seem to actually correspond to any button on the keyboard.

      • Anonymous

        Why the **** does blocking work like a piece of **** it problem one no noticeable sign as to when I should actually block to get a green block with the directional analyzer two why does it register upper right and lower right when I try to block right no enemy attacks at those angles so it makes no sense why that's even a part of the game and three what's with blocking down shouldn't it just be block to block straight forward attacks like a stab block up to block any sort of downward strike and left and right to block left and right why down most attacks from below me can't even be blocked like the delver or little Johnny starfish or any number of attacks that come from below me! Love the game but the blocking is garbage and should've been worked on more

        • Anonymous

          having trouble with interact key (E) it will just stop working and when i go to remap page i re select it and it works again for about 4 or 5 times before playing up again. does this with whatever key i map to interact. frustrating. any one else?

          • Anonymous

            why did the devs change the control scheme somewhat from first game? block was Q before and now its Walk? and block is not Left Control? too awkward. at least the switching of targets is better as TAB compared to first game who had it set to X

            • Anonymous

              Hold the block key and move the mouse to do directional blocking. For some unknown reason I had more luck doing that when I was also pressing one of the WASD direction keys in addition to moving the mouse.

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