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 Type Primary Stat

Energy in The Surge 2 is a Primary Stat. Energy is divided in Battery Points that are used by injectables and to perform killing blows. You can see your Energy bar in the lower-mid part of the screen as a ligh blue bar, with each section representing a Battery point. Your energy bar will fill by hitting enemies or successfully parrying an incoming attack.

Energy Use:

  • Your character starts with 100% Battery Efficiency and 3 Battery Points.
  • You can fill the energy bar by performing successful hits on enemies or by blocking their attacks
  • Each killing blow you perform or injectable you use consumes 1 Battery Point
  • Different weapons provide with different amount of energy gain when hitting opponents.
  • If you don't spend or gain Energy for a period of time, the battery bar will start tickling. After a short period of time you will lose the stored Energy.

How to increase Energy:

  • You can spend 1 module point to increase energy efficiency. Module points can be reset at any given time if you are at a Medbay, so feel free to experiment with different builds.
  • You can increase the number of Battery Points if you spend enough module points on Energy (you can reach 4 Battery points by spending 25 module points, 5 by spending 75 module points).
  • 50 points of energy efficiency prevents the decay of 1 battery.

Notes and Tips:

  • Some Implants can provide Energy boosts
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