Controls for The Surge 2 are the input methods for the player to interact with the game. Since The Surge 2 is available on consoles and PC, there's the possibility to use Keyboard and Mouse, however it's advisable for players to consider a gamepad as the game was development with such in mind.


Controls for The Surge 2

 Players can customize their controller scheme by using the in-game settings. 

PC Controls

Move: W, A, D, S

Camera: Moving the mouse, can also be used with Up, Down, Left, Right arrows.

Block: Left CTRL

Vertical Attack: Right Mouse Click

Horizontal Attack: Left Mouse Click

Sprint: Hold Left SHIFT

Walk: Hold Q

Evade/Jump: Space Bar

Interact: Hold E

Drone: Press “1”

Cycle Drone Modules: Press “2”

Injectable: F

Lock Target: Middle Mouse

Gear Lights: R

Cycle Targets: TAB

Cycle Favorite Weapons (can be selected on inventory menu): G

Cycle Body Part Counterclockwise: Mouse Wheel Up

Cycle Body Part Clockwise: Mouse Wheel Down

Cycle Injectables: C

Inventory: I

Menu: Esc

    • Anonymous

      20 Oct 2019 02:47  

      Hold the block key and move the mouse to do directional blocking. For some unknown reason I had more luck doing that when I was also pressing one of the WASD direction keys in addition to moving the mouse.

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