Weapons in The Surge 2 are the player's primary offensive option and comes in varied applications. Players can found new weapons throughout the game by killing enemies, bosses, and inside chests.

Acquiring Weapons:

Weapons can be acquired by performing a killing blow on the body-part where enemies are holding their weapon. You can also find weapons inside of chests and dropped from bosses.


Upgrading Weapons:

Weapons need to be upgraded in order be able to obtain their full potential. You can learn more about Upgrading and Crafting by pressing HERE


Weapon Categories in The Surge 2

Weapons in The Surge 2 are equipment that players use to deal damage to enemies. There are 9 main categories of melee weapons, which can be swapped on the fly via the game's systems, and upgraded to enhance their capabilities. Much like Dark Souls, weapons in The Surge 2 can block damage, have parameters and elemental capabilities.


Twin-Rigged weapons provide fast attacks that allow players to quickly get in and out of combat. They consume a moderate amount of stamina and deal considerable damage.


One-Handed are fast short-range weapons that provide well-rounded attributes between damage, speed and energy gain.


Staffs provide agile long range attacks and a are well-rounded choice for open locations.


Heavy-Duty attacks are slow and very wide, they deal high amount of damage and have a very high impact but also consume a huge amount of stamina.


Punching Gloves

Punching Gloves attacks are very quick, allowing the player for multiple short bursts, but lack damage and impact.


Hammers are heavy and slow but provide the wielder with powerful, high impact attacks.


Spears provide with long-range quick attacks that can be used to keep the enemy at bay. They have low impact.


Double-Duty weapons can be used either as dual wielding weapons with quick attacks and low damage, or combined together into a big and slow heavy hitting weapon.



Single-Rigged attacks are slow and deal a moderate amount of damage, but they compensate by providing high enery gain and impact.




Weapons List in The Surge 2










Punching Gloves






























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    • Anonymous

      10 Feb 2021 20:31  

      Kinda sad they just recycled 70% of the weapons from the surge 1 and split them into more categories. Like making some spears a staff etc, you legit cannot even see that much of a difference. The weapons look pretty nice but I personally don't get that hype from earning a new weapon. All weapons in 1 category basically function the same and all do about the same damage. Finding new weapons was always the best part in Souls-Games. Why did they give every weapon such minimal differences? I mean who cares if I get -7dmg but +5% energy gain it's legit the same weapon at this point..

      • Anonymous

        31 Jul 2020 05:46  

        biggest issues with weapons are a hold over the devs have never realized from previous games. Slow weapons NEED to do more damage than fast, precise, and more stamina efficient weapons.

        Hammers, Single Rigged, Heavy Duty and Double Duty weapon classes are mostly irrelevant and new players should be warned against them or get the wrong impression of the combat system.

        They have some decent moves here and there and of course someone can bare to game the system enough to complete a game with nearly anything. Plenty of people may have a favorite weapon in the slow and sluggish weapon groups too, and the have painstakingly learned how to circumvent that with clever slides, parry strikes, or even unlocked camera angles. Sure. Ok. But why bother?

        There simply is no bonus to using an extremely slow and cumbersome weapon like a huge Hammer your character struggles to wield when super fast swords and a plethora punchy weapons exist. All too often the faster weapons will hit for more damage than the slower weapons too! And while weapon impact is neat, all too often bosses simply will not care either way. But also constant barrage of a spear or fist will stun lock a normal enemy anyway, regardless of its "inferior" impact rating so slow weapons dont have much purpose here either.

        Anyway I would love if The Surge 3 made "Great Weapons" actually great.

        • Anonymous

          29 Feb 2020 15:50  

          Question to damage calculation: I have tested a few things and i'm totally confused. I have attacked the same minions with the same attack. Both weapons are One handed and both are MK 3. One time with "Warrens Well used Cutter" and then with "Strongarm Twin Blade". I do more damage with the Strongarm although the cutter has 146 damage and the strongarm has only 133? Furthermore i asked myself: What does elemental damage exactly? Is 23 fire damage the damage of a tick (and does nothing until the minion is burning) or does it mean how fast a minion is getting the burn status? What about nano and electricity? Does a weapon with electricity more damage or is the electro value only calculated to the stun effect? Same with nano?

          • Anonymous

            06 Nov 2019 09:11  

            Now that it's existence is confirmed would someone please make a page, for the BORAX-I Quantum Mace!? Thank you!

            • Anonymous

              15 Oct 2019 10:16  

              Does anyone else think it's wrong that some of the weapons in these categories, appear to conduct electricity but don't deal that type of elemental damage? For that matter shouldn't all the categories have weapons, for each form of elemental damage instead of one or two?

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