New Game Plus in The Surge 2 will be covered in this page.It refers to subsequent playthroughs of the game using the same character once the Final Boss is defeated.


New Game Plus

New Game Plus starts immediatly after beating the final boss. You do not have the choice to stay on New Game.

Changes with Game Plus :

  • Enemies have more hit points, deal more damage but also give more Tech Scraps
  • The player has access to higher equipment tiers
    • All gear gives the same tier as in NG but +10 in NG+ (MK I becomes MK XI and so on)
      • The max level of the equipment is Mk. XX, which the player gets at around the end of NG+. In NG++ and beyond, every enemy drops Mk. XX materials, although they continue to scale up in strength while the player's upgrades cap out at Mk. XX.
    • Injectables can be upgraded beyond MK V, up to MK X.
  • End game Technogenesis enemies can now be found in multiple places

What carries over to New Game Plus :

  • Core level
  • Tech Scraps
  • Crafting materials
  • Weapons
  • Every piece of armor, crafted or not
  • Implants
  • Companion drone modules
  • Audio files

What DOESN'T carry over to New Game Plus :

  • Quest items / Key items
  • Exorig and companion drone
    • both are unlocked again with full functionalities when advancing the story

    • Anonymous

      19 Jan 2020 21:51  

      Should I sell all the weapons i dont use and farm for them again to get the free XI instead of wasting materials to upgrade them from Mark I to whatever?

      • Anonymous

        15 Jan 2020 03:25  

        This is wrong, crafting materials dont transfer to new game plus. I spent about 2 hours grinding out ~20 of EVERY Mark X crafting material at the end of new game. As soon as I start new game plus, they're all gone. Was really irritated but still, yo uh cant get mark Xi instantly so doesnt really matter. Just a fair warning

        • 03 Nov 2019 13:25  

          I think player's max gear/weapon level is MK XX (level 20). I reached NG++, enemy Level go beyond 20, now their level is 26. I think the developer want us to enjoy the challenge.

          • New Game Plus [The surge 2 Wiki]15 Oct 2019 18:42  

            I beat the game once and started the NG+, but suddenly I felt like re-playing the first one....
            Well, it felt so good....and i can say for sure that TS1 is way harder than TS2

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