The Surge 2


The Surge 2 takes place in a world destroying itself through ecological collapse.  The environmental disasters are unprecedented, with rivers drying up and many  wildlife species dying out due to pollution.  Humanity is concentrated in large cities that are struggling to sustain themselves, when a large corporation named CREO's efforts to restore the planet by firing rockets full of nanobots into the atmosphere doesn't turn out as expected.  Unfortunately, these nanobots drove the city's inhabitants into a rage – causing them to go crazy and start killing each other.


Wrapped up with Rogue Process, the Utopia Rocket was launched from CREO facility located on the outskirts of Jericho City, exploding in the atmosphere.  The nanite spawned and encountered CREO Flight 221 on its way to Jericho City.  Some passengers were decomposed by the nanite, most died in the crash and only three "survived": the protagonist, Jonah Guttenberg's 11-year old grandchild Athena, and a man named Henderson.  Both the protagonist and Athena were infected by the nanites.  However, because of Athena's young undeveloped brain and similar genes to the nanite's creator, she had built an incredible connection with the swarm.  Athena later revived the protagonist, for he/she helped with her little toy problem and struggled to save her from being swallowed by the swarm.  Henderson, helped by the protagonist during the accident, not only survived the crash but also woke up in time before he drowned, before managing to get away from the A.I.D.(Assault Insurgent Disease) Response team sent to the crash site.

Long before the nanite event, Matriarch Celeste ran a cult at Port Nixon (in the rising place of Jericho city) to seek a way of combining humans and technology.  Using her connection with Jonah Guttenberg to acquire nano-tech from CREO, the cult succeeded in creating suitable zealots for a long time.  After the air crash, her drug lord son Jonathan found Rogue Process at the crash site, but it wass his big brother Eli who successfully connected with it/them.  Driven by its desire to join the swarm, Eli used Rogue Process to hack the AI system of CREO Institute of Technology, H.A.R.O.L.D., in order to make use of Jonah Guttenberg's research.

As the Utopia swarm spread, a disease called Defrag spread amongst the Jericho citizenry that could turn a patient into nanites.  The A.I.D. Polaris research team built a lab around the Utopia crash site, where they confirmed the nanites had no off-switch; however a child's brain might well adapted to it.  A.I.D. researchers gathered children throughout the city by telling parents it was to cure their kids' disease, before hiring unwitting soldiers and The Hunter group to capture the rest.  These children were sent to Liang Wei Hospital at A.I.D. Command for experiments, used to connect and control the swarm.  As for the Great Wall of Jericho, that is said to be built for containing the nanite, though it seems to be no use but apart from politics and kickbacks.

Some time after the crash, Athena awoke in a warehouse at Port Nixon.  She sent a message to the A.I.D. Response team for help.  The response team found her but the nanite in her body started to grow aggressively so she tried to run, with some of the nearby Spark cultists attacking the A.I.D. team.  Athena travelled through Port Nixon, Downtown, Underground, and onto Guideon's Rock, before getting close to her grandfather at CREO Institute of Technology, but was eventually captured by a group of Hunters.  While travelling through the city she tried to create a nanite creature in order to rescue the protagonist as her warrior, but failed in her first two attempts, leaving Delver Echo Alpha in the underground and Delver Gamma in downtown Jericho.  The third attempt at Gideon's Rock was successful, so she sent this Delver to the JCPD Detention Center to wake the protagonist up from his/her two-months coma.  The game starts as the protagonist awakes...


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