Classes in The Surge 2. You can build your character how you want, determined by armor and implants. At the beginning of the game you do get to select a type of job that you’re hired for which roughly equates to a light, medium, heavy setup.




Player can choose from 6 different backgrounds. Depending on the chosen background some dialogs may vary when talking to NPCs. Each background also comes with a pre-set customized appearance. This can be edited after selecting the background.

  • Mining Wars Veteran: Suppressing a worker's revolt on the lunar colony has left its mark on you. Having been exposed to toxic substances and suffering from PTSD, a taxpayer-funded first class flight to Jericho City's re-deployment center was the least they could do for you. Earth has you back.
  • Search and Rescue Officer: Despite a world in turmoil first aid companies like yours can still fail, especially after the public-private A.I.D. Response was created to take over. Luckily there are looking for capable staff and sponsored your first-class flight to a job interview in Jericho City.
  • CREO-certified Heavy Operator: Being a human forklift has its limits in terms of career opportunities, and after losing all your savings in three lawsuits against the company, you've finally been granted a CREO-paid first class flight to begin your new life. A new job will be waiting for you, and you fought hard to get it.
  • CREO-certified Field Technician: Repairing robots day in, day out ensured a safe job as a hardware and software expert… This is, until an advanced AI protocol made your position redundant. Luckily for you, CREO sponsored a first-class flight to Jericho to help a loyal ex-worker to find a new assignment.
  • Former Arms Smuggler: There was only one way to break the vicious cycle that had become your life: Spending all the money you set aside over the years for this one ticket, to bring you to the other end of the world where you hope that grass is greener… or at least, that there will be grass at all.
  • Corporate Middle Manager: Society might change but somebody always need to run the numbers and keep the board happy. Jobs are rare, so once again you didn't dare to complain after you were relocated to Jericho City from the other end of the world without much more than a day's notice. At least it's a first class flight.

You can check more information about Character Creation by clicking HERE.

Character Stats:

Stats will play a key role while developing your character. Depending on the combination of Gear, Combat Drone, Weapons and Implants your playstyle will change. You can check more about Stats by pressing HERE


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    • Anonymous

      the reason toy are here is to see which class to choose, right?
      Search and Rescue Officer
      since you can buy Dynamic Redirector at the start of the game with tihs class
      every other class specific implant is garbage compared to this one

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