Combat Drone in The Surge 2 is a new mechanic that allows players to deploy a drone to help them in the battlefield or provide boosts.


Combat Drone:

After you defeat Warden Garcia, you will acquire a combat drone. The Combat Drone is a special deployable that players can use to aid them in battle. You can equip different modules to the combat drone. Some modules provide offensive capabilities while other help you with progression through the game or provide buffs.

You can use combat drone to lure enemies to you or to pick off distant or hard to reach enemies.

Combat drones may consume Omni-cells (a type of ammo) or other items that can be looted from enemies or bought from merchants.

Here is a complete list of combat drone modules available:

Name Damage Cooldown Omni-cell Consumption Description
R-1 'Diode' Laspistol
40 0 1 Fires a fast beam of focused energy
W-102 Banner
0 3 0 Creates a banner at your location as a challenge to other thrill-seeking survivors in Jericho City. The more hidden and hard-to-reach your banner is, the better your rewards will be!
W-101 Spray Can
0 0 0 This drone module enables your combat drone to spray graffiti pictograms on all surfaces, leaving messages for other survivors in Jericho City
Klokonov R-47 Autorifle
30 3 3 Fires a 3-round-burst of bullets
Molotov Cocktail Drone
50 0 It consumes 1 Molotov Cocktail Launches a burning bottle of fuel that explodes into a burst of flame on impact
Grenade Drone
100 0 Consumes 1 Grenade Launches a grenade that explodes with concussive force on impact
SPARK Engineer's Turret Drone
60 0 Consumes 1 SPARK Engineer's Turret Places a turret that automatically fires at enemies within range.
EMP-44 'Starfish'
150 Electricity Damage 20 0 This modified EMP device attaches to enemies and magnetic locks can be detonated secondarily by firing it again while it is attached.
CREO Industrial Magnet
0 5 3 Pulls a target towards the combat drone


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