Builds for the The Surge 2 are special selections of Weapons and Armor to customize gameplay to fit a specific style or perform better as a specific role. Players can share their customized builds using the provided template.


Builds for The Surge 2


Deflectomatic Boss Killer


Elemental Archangel




Community Builds


 The Whirling Astronaut

Weapon: Codename: Valkyrie

Armor: Angel VI set

Implants (Boosters): Tactile Amplifier, Kineto-Plasmic Shunt, Energy Dynamo, Energetic Speed Intensifier

Implants (Injectables): Medi-Voltaic InjectionMedi-Force Converter

Description: As for other implants, experiment which suits or complements your build best, you still have options to increase your damage and/or defensive capabilities. The attack speed boost from the Angel VI set paired with the boost from the 2 implants make Codename: Valkyrie dish out a ton of damage in a very short time, and just to facilitate the aggressive, "headfirst into chaos" playstyle and give players some safety during combat, the Medi-Force Converter helps you to keep your health at a safe level at all times, besides the already good defense of the Angel set. It is a core power-heavy setup, so don't expect to be able to pull it off under 64 CP, but the set should perform great in late-NG or subsequent NG+ cycles.

Divine Smiter (NG+ Build)

Weapon: Icon of the Spark V2.0 (Also a fire based weapon for backup)

Armor: 3 Parts Archangel's Set (Or Spark Galvanizer's Set), 3 Parts Goddess Helena's Set

Drone: SPARK 'Enlightener' Electro-Beam, EMP-44 'Starfish' (Also the GAIA Laser for backup)

Implants (Boosters): Piezo-Induction Igniter, Elemental Intensifier, Drone Cyclo-Intensifier, Drone Proximity Adapter

Implants (Injectables): Medi-Voltaic Injection, Muscular Enhancement Injection

Description: This build can only be accessed in late game or NG+ due to the required armor and weapons.

The purpose of this build is to smite your foes with divine electricity by maximising your electric damage output, using your weapon's charged attacks to deliver electrical discharges, while your drone helps keep the pressure on. Ideally you want to deploy the Electro-Beam drone up close, and while channeling it your implants should increase its effectiveness the longer you use it. When you run out of omni-cells, swap to the starfish instead.

By using the Muscular-Enhancement injection, you also give yourself additional electric damage from all your attacks, helping you in situations where there are multiple enemies you may need to stun. The charged attack of the Icon of the Spark V2 consumes a battery, so it is advised that you use implants to help manage your battery level how you see fit. This build works great on enemies vulnerable to electricity, but not so much against those resistant to it. In these scenarios, all you need to do is swap to a fire based weapon and the GAIA laser drone, both of which should still benefit from the armor and implants in this build.

You also look pretty damn cool, just saying.

Minigun Murderer

Weapon: Any Electric/High Impact Weapons work great (like the Volatile Spectre or URBN Judgement Axe)

Armor: 3 Parts AID Centauri Set, 3 Parts WRAITH Set

Drone: VULC-88 Panthera Rotary Gun

Implants (Boosters): Omni Cell Clip, Drone Kill Battery Converter, Drone Cyclo-Intensifier, Drone Proximity Adapter

Implants (Injectables): Medi-Voltaic Injection, Omni-Cell Battery Converter

Description: The purpose of this build is to maximise drone damage output by giving as much support as possible to the VULC-88 Panthera Rotary Gun. 

Your choice of weapons is entirely personal preference, but electric and/or high impact weapons compliment this playstyle by keeping enemies stunned and unable to move away from your drone. As for armor, the Centauri Set is a must (though this can be substituted with the Helena or GAIA set) as it increases your drone's damage over time. The other half of your armor should be the WRAITH set, as it increases your omni cell capacity (more ammo = more damage over time). Your booster implants are all about making the most of your drone, especially in close quarters, allowing you to completely remove armor or limbs by itself with minimal effort. So long as your drone is close to its target, it will continue to rain down a torrent of damage that few enemies have a means of escaping.

Of course, this focus on drone damage means that you lack much in the way of personal defense or weapon damage, so it is wise to take a healing injectable of some variety with you. The Omni- Cell Battery Converter helps when you are facing enemies with low omni-cell drops, and if played correctly, the Drone Kill Battery Converter will partially return the ammo it has spent by using this injectable alongside it. 

This build is perfect for taking down tough enemies, and even many bosses, in mere seconds. All you need to do is get in close, deploy your drone, and keep firing until your problems go away. Remember to stay light on your toes and circle around the enemy to ensure it doesn't get too far from your drone, if there is ever a pause in your drone's fire it will reset the damage build up and wont be as effective.

Much of this build can only be achieved after the General Erza Shields boss fight, but once complete, it should be available to play right away so long as you get the VULC-88 drone from this fight (destroy his mech's gun during phase 2).

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    • Anonymous

      One note about the drone build: You should invest in high battery efficiency to increase the number of omni-cells obtained from omni-cell battery converter. Also, another viable gear combo is 3 piece A.I.D. Nightfall with 3 piece A.I.D. Centauri if you are careful with positioning.

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