Armor or Gear in The Surge 2 protects the player from damage as well as provides other gameplay benefits. Players can wear complete sets of armor to gain special bonuses.



Armor or Gear in The Surge 2 provides the player with protection against damage, stability and elemental resistance while also affecting some attributes. In order to equip gear, the player must first Construct it and must have enough Core Power availabe for each piece. Most gear comes in Sets and partially or fully equipping them provide Set Bonuses. In addition, armor is also a cosmetic choice, and individual pieces can be mixed and matched to create an optimized setup, from a defensive and fashion perspective. Gear can be upgraded to provide better stats and defensive capabilities.

There are 6 gear slots:

Head Gear

Head gear provides defense, stability and affects damage - unarmored. It also provides elemental resistance

Body Gear

Body gear provides defense, stability and affects stamina consumption.It also provides elemental resistance

Arms Gear (2x)

Arms gear provides defense, stability and affects impact and attack speed.It also provides elemental resistance

Legs Gear (2x)

Legs gear provides defense, stability and affects stamina cost - run and stamina cost - evade. It also provides elemental resistance

Acquiring Armor/Gear:

Gear doesn't drop from enemies but instead you obtain schematics by cutting the exact piece. When you perform a killing blow on an armored enemy part, you will cut it obtaining the Schematics for that part and some materials. Once you have the schematics, go to a medbay and select Construct to build the gear you want. In order to acquire a complete set, you will need to kill several enemies cutting all the parts that correspond to that set. You can learn all related info by clicking HERE

Upgrading Gear:

All the gear that players construct will be crafted at Mk. I. Players need to upgrade them to be able to obtain full benefits for each part. You can learn more about Upgrading and Crafting by pressing HERE


Most gear come in sets. Each set is usually associated to a determined group of enemies or to a particular location. Each set provide either a partial set bonus (by equipping 3 pieces) or a full set bonus (by equipping all 6 parts). Players can combine two different sets with 3 pieces of each, gaining both partial effects.

It is important to note that players can use pieces from different sets without any penalty but they won’t provide any bonus.

Here is a complete list of Gear Sets:

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