Medbay are the checkpoints of The Surge 2, but they also serve other useful purposes. When the player encounters a new Medbay, they need to active it to serve as the new respawn point if the player should die.


Activate Medbay

When you activate a Medbay, it will be set as your respawn site and your HP will be restored. Most enemies, excluding Bosses and NPCs will respawn.

Players will encounter the first Medbay while escaping the prision. The following actions can be performed at a medbay:

Core Module:

Here you can check all your basic Stats, Resitances and damage. You can also upgrade your Core Power, Health, Stamina and Energy. You can also bank you current Tech Scrap.

Exo Core Power:

Here you can check your current Exo Core Power. Upgrading you Core Power provides you with module points that you can use to upgrade Health, Stamina and Energy. It also provides you with power that you use to equip gear and implants. You can use Tech Scrap to upgrade your Core Power and it becomes more expensive each time you upgrade it.

Module Points:

 Each time you improve your upgrade your Core Power you gain module points. The points can be used to upgrade Health, Stamina and Energy. You can respect your points at any given time so don’t be afraid to experiment with different options or builds.


Here you can check your defense and offense stats.

Tech Scrap:

Here you can check the amount of Tech Scrap that you are currently holding and how much you have in your bank. You can transfer all the Tech Scrap that you are holding to the bank so if you die you won’t lose it.


Power Consumption:

Represents both the max power level you currently have and how much of it you are using. Weapons, Gear and Implants may consume power when equipped. You need to upgrade your Core Power to increase the max power level and equip more demanding gear.



Here you can craft new gear by using schematics you have learnt. You can learn new schematics by cutting that specific armored body part of an enemy with a killing blow. Killing blows also provide with components for constructing and upgrading.

When you construct new gear it is always crafted with Mk. I capabilities and must then be upgraded to unlock its full potential.

You can learn more about construct in CRAFTING


Crafting components can be used to upgrade weapons, amor, and implants. Each Mark of component can upgrade equipment from the previous Mark. As more upgrades are applied to a piece of equipment, new stats will be added to it.

To acquire weapons and gear crafting components, cut armored body parts and the arms of enemies holding weapons.

To acquire implants crafting components, cut body parts of robotic enemies and armored body parts that contain attachments.

You can learn more details about upgrade in CRAFTING

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