Tech Scrap

 Type Currency

Tech Scrap is the main currency in The Surge 2. They can be obtained by defeating enemies, selling items, by thee W-102 Banner drone module or by consuming items that provide them.

When you obtain Tech Scrap, it will be stored inside the player inventory. If the player would die, all the Tech Scrap that it's currently holding will drop to the ground at the location of his death. When the player respawns, a timer will show in the top left corner of the screen. If the player would die again before retrieving the dropped Tech Scrap, or if the time runs out, it will be lost permanently. The player can run back to the place of his death in order to retrieve the lost Tech Scrap. Killing an enemy will provide with additional 20 seconds to the timer. When the player arrives at the location of his death, he will see the Tech Scrap dropped on the ground like an item. If you stay near to the dropped Tech Scrap without picking it up, it will slowly restore your health and it will fully restore the player health when its picked up.

When player are at a Medbay, they can store all the Tech Scrap they are currently holding into the bank. To do so, press the assigned button where it says "Tech Scrap". Players won't lose the banked Tech Scrap even if they die.

You can check the amount of Tech Scrap you are currently holding and the amount on your bank on the Stats screen. The amount of Tech Scrap stored in the bank is shown as OPS.

Tech Scrap Use:

Tech Scrap may be used in a variety of things like:

How to increase Tech Scrap:

Consumable Items that provide Tech Scrap:

The amount of Tech scrap earned per kill can also be increased by the following:

Notes and Tips:

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