R-1 'Diode' Laspistol

Fires a fast beam of focused energy
Damage 40
Cooldown 0
Omni-Cell Consumption 1

R-1 'Diode' Laspistol is Combat Drone module in The Surge 2. R-1 'Diode' Laspistol is a combat oriented module that can be deployed to fire projectiles at enemies. This allows to maintain a distance from enemies and increase the damage output while keeping you safe. The drone can also be used to lure enemies from a distance, avoiding other enemies in the vicinity or inconvenient terrain.

Where to find R-1 'Diode' Laspistol

  • Default module after acquiring the combat drone by defeating Warden Garcia.

Notes and Tips

  • No Current Notes Or Tips For this Drone

Builds That Use This Drone Module

  • No Current Builds For This Drone


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