Molotov Cocktail Drone

Launches a burning bottle of fuel that explodes into a burst of flame on impact
Damage 50
Cooldown 0
Ammo Consumption It consumes 1 Molotov Cocktail

Molotov Cocktail Drone is Combat Drone module in The Surge 2. Molotov Cocktail Drone is a combat oriented module that can be deployed to fire a Molotov Cocktail at enemies. This causes direct damage on impact, and deals periodical Fire Damage. In order to activate, players need to carry Molotov Cocktail.

Where to find Molotov Cocktail Drone

Notes and Tips

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Builds That Use This Drone Module

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    • Anonymous

      Get the special kill on the body(middle/torso) of the enemies who drop the liquidator set outside cloud 9.

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