Kineto-Plasmic Shunt

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Type Boosters
Effects After 5 successful hits in quick succession, gain health. 10% Health Restored

Kineto-Plasmic Shunt is one of the Boosters Implants in The Surge 2. Kineto-Plasmic Shunt gives After 5 successful hits in quick succession, gain health. 10% Health Restored when equipped. Implants can be obtained by performing a finishing blow on enemy body parts, inside chests, purchased from Merchants or found dropped at various locations.



 Kineto-Plasmic Shunt Use

  • Kineto-Plasmic Shunt After 5 successful hits in quick succession, gain health. 10% Health Restored and consumes 9 Core Power when equipped.



How to Find Kineto-Plasmic Shunt

  • Kineto-Plasmic Shunt can be purchased from Dr. Sorensson at Gateway Bravo (if the player chose Mining Wars Veteran or Search and Corporate Middle Manager during Character Creation)
  • Can be found in a locked chest in the Canal Back alleys after defeating Major General Ezra Shields. The keycard to the chest can be acquired by cutting off the left arm of the infected A.I.D Ronin unit underneath the stretch of highway in Downtown Jericho City where the two A.I.D Nightfall units protected the shipping container gate to Port Nixon before defeating Major General Ezra Shields. 



Kineto-Plasmic Shunt Notes & Tips

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