Greatblade of the Archangel

 greatblade of the archangel v2.0 weapon the surge 2 wiki guide 220px
Type Heavy-Duty
Model Mk. XI
damage icon the surge 2 wiki guide 16px  Raw 532
impact icon the surge 2 wiki guide 44px16px Impact 29
nano damage icon the surge 2 wiki guide 16px Nano 16
attack speed icon the surge 2 wiki guide 24px Attk Speed 110%
energy gain icon the surge 2 wiki guide 16px Energy Gain +100%
stamina consumption 1 icon the surge 2 wiki guide 16px Stam Consumption 130%

Greatblade of the Archangel is one of the Heavy-Duty Weapons in The Surge 2. Greatblade of the Archangel Mk. XI deals 532 raw damage, 16 nano damage and has 29 impact. It provides 110% attack speed, +100% energy gain and 130% stamina consumption rate. Weapons can be found from Enemies and/or Bosses, and can be found inside Chests.

The chosen waepon of Brother Eli, manifested by his will when he ascended to become a living saint of the Children of the Spark. This blade is a symbol of perfection and beauty that nevertheless cannnot conceal the corruption underneath.


Where to find Greatblade of the Archangel


Notes and Tips

  • Required Tech Scrap To Upgrade:
  • Required Materials To Upgrade:
  • Special Moves:
  • This is a NG+ weapon only.


Builds That Use This Weapon

See Builds page for other weapons and combinations.

  • Builds Info 2
  • Builds Info 3



Greatblade of the Archangel Upgrade Table

MK XI 532 Bonus
MK XII 552 N/A
MK XIV 605 N/A
MK XV 639 N/A
MK XVI 679 N/A
MK XIX 850 N/A
MK XX 929 N/A



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