Archangel Eli is a Boss in The Surge 2.  Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate WeaponGear and Combat Drone in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Archangel Eli Location


Archangel Eli Rewards


Archangel Eli Notes & Tips

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Archangel Eli Boss Strategies

Strategy Writeup

Brother Eli can perform many attacks with different timings so it's difficult to directional block all of them. Try to stay near to him and keep attacking. When is about to perform the AOE attack jump backwards and wait until it's over to go in and keep doing damage. Try to stock up on Injectable Charges to keep your health as high as possible. If you keep close enough to him, only backing up if he uses the AOE ground shockwave attack and then rushing in to attack him ASAP, he will not use his spinning sword-throwing attack, neither his follow-up stun/grab attack, thus, eliminating a significant challenge from the fight. This tactic requires high aggression though and intense dodging as you have to be very close to him at almost all times.

Hardcore Kill method

Break every piece of his armor.

Video Guide


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Fly Up and Strike: He will strike you from above and then perform a cinematic sequence where he impales you with the sword dealing high damage Try to directional block from above or dodge to either side.
Cast Nanites on the ground: He will stay immobile while casting nanites patches below your feet Try to round around the area so you don't stay over the nanites. You can also try to circle around him and deal some damage.
Run and charge: He will start runnning and then attack from the left. This attack is not easy to directional block. Try to dodge backwards
4 hit combo: One from the left and three from above in quick succession It's very difficult to time the attacks. Try to dodge backwards two times when he starts the combo
Blade Throw: He will stay immobile and throw his weapon at you Try to dodge to either side and go in to deal damage until the sword returns.
AOE Attack: He will fly upwards and strike the ground creating an AOE attack Jump backwards two times
3 hit combo: He will strike from the right then from the left and finally from below He takes some time between attacks. Try to deal damage to him and just block when you see the attacks coming.
Nanite Wave: He will strike from below sending a wave of nanites in front of him Try to directional block or dodge to either side.



Archangel Eli Lore

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    • Anonymous

      Can we see a recommendation on level to face this boss. That info doesnt appear to be anywhere that i can find

      • Anonymous

        A lot of comments say the same thing. It’s an easy final boss that you can just brain dead attack spam until it dies. This boss needs either more dmg, some ability to suppress player healing, you can come to his fight w like 12( 4 each) healing power injectable and unlike souls games, there is no healing animation. You can heal while you attack or dodge or run. It’s just more hp. If you try to fight him without healing, then he is a challenge. He has cool patterns and is actually intimidating.

        For the hardcore kill, go for his hands first. They will get some armor red bar later on, they don’t have this when the fight starts. Nano defense is good here. Later phase will involve nano attacks.

        • Anonymous

          Mk X'd out Angel VI set and Codename: Valkyrie, Tactile Amplifier, Emergency Reserve Injection, Metallic Hardener, Adrenaline Shunt and a few other less important implants, Eli went down faster than a sack of hammers with me just clawing his armor off in next to no time, while generating nonstop energy to keep healing, damage boosting and shunting with lmao

          • Anonymous

            This boss was easy af. Spacesuit and sarges gloves beat tje dog **** out this dude...first time at that smh

            • Anonymous

              And thats all folkes?? this is the final boss?? Nitro (the first one) is far more dificult than every boss in this game, especially this one. No wait, reriusly... Which is the point in killing a plain archetype for the 3rd time in the game just by mashing R1 and circle ?? Love first Surge, but im really disapointied about Surge 2. SAD

              • Anonymous

                I feel bad for Eli, he's like the sailor captain in God of war, keeps showing up just to get waffle sti.ped down the drain again

                • Anonymous

                  This is the now 3rd and easily most defendable boss for dying before I can do hardcore method even though I didnt go a single damn hit over broken on any given part. There should be a considerable extra amount of health to make up for the armor health. Armor and max health of an enemy should not correlate

                  • Anonymous

                    really easy, just mk10 MG cerberus and mk10 brother trumans spear with mk5 implant, 60 points in HP, 25 in stamina and 75 in energy. just face tank him like its nothing and button mash until you win. easiest boss ingame

                    • Anonymous

                      Did the fight in my tank set (Cerberus Head and Arms, SCARAB Body and Legs) and threw on the Nano Absorber EX. Easily face tanked him, no blocking, while mainly using dodge to get closer rather than evade.

                      • Anonymous

                        My health injectables randomly stop working during the fight and it's killing me. Is this a glitch? There will be like 30 second spurts where the injectables just stop working

                        • Anonymous

                          Surprisingly easy fight if you took the time to upgrade your gear. Went at him with the full Iron Maus set at Mk X and most of the bonus after parry implants and it was over before I realized it - thought there'd be a phase 2 or something. Just parry what you can, and pummel him in between his combos and he goes down pretty fast..

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