Pain Enhancer

Pain Enhancer
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Type Boosters
Effects Increases damage received by 100%. Handle with care! -1000 Defense

Pain Enhancer is one of the Boosters Implants in The Surge 2. Pain Enhancer gives Increases damage received by 100%. Handle with care! -1000 Defense when equipped. Implants can be obtained by performing a finishing blow on enemy body parts, inside chests, purchased from Merchants or found dropped at various locations.



 Pain Enhancer Use

  • Pain Enhancer Increases damage received by 100%. Handle with care! -1000 Defense and consumes 0 Core Power when equipped.



How to Find Pain Enhancer



Pain Enhancer Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      this implant gives you one very important piece of meta info - every 1 defense equals 0.1 damage reduction

      • Anonymous

        This game is superb and stands on its own merits within the genre created by FromSoft, so we can abide this one direct appropriation. But just call it a Calamity Ring cuz it doesn’t do **** else but nerf your defense. Missed opportunity to flesh out the idea...

        • Anonymous

          ....Come on guys! Its part of the story! Jesus. Remember the audio log where the A.I.D. was torturing Warren.

          "Right now, I believe you will be in terrible pain once I push this button under my desk".

          Obviously this is to show that Warren removed the Pain Enchacer.

          • Anonymous

            It should at least increase the likeliness or finding or obtaining implant circuits and or increase rarity of which circuits you do find... but just to make the game harder and if no trophy this implant is completely useless... smh

            • Found by completing The Stranger's 2nd encounter in the underground below the canal in Jericho Downtown. Requires the EMP drone ability to access + A full set of AID armor for the quest.

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