Type One-Handed
Model MK. I
damage_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_16px  Raw 93
impact_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_44px16px Impact 19
nano_damage_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_16px Special fire_damage_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_16px0
attack_speed_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_24px Attk Speed 90%
energy_gain_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_16px Energy Gain +30%
stamina_consumption_1_icon_the_surge_2_wiki_guide_16px Stam Consumption 100%

KLINGE Velo-Saw is one of the One-Handed Weapons in The Surge 2. KLINGE Velo-Saw deals 92 raw damage and has 19 impact. It provides 90% attack speed, +30% energy gain and consumes 100% stamina.

A reliable reciprocating saw from the makers of the classic KLINGE Power Grip, its sawblade is specially hardened to sustain incredible operational speeds with minimal wear-and-tear.


Where to find KLINGE Velo-Saw

  • KLINGE Velo-Saw can be found at Downtown Jericho City by performing a finishing blow on the arms of a Dual-Wielding Scavenger.


Notes and Tips

  • Required Materials To Upgrade: Tungsten Alloy
  • Despite being shown Dual-Wielded by a scavenger, the weapon itself cannot be dual-wielding


Builds That Use This Weapon

See Builds page for other weapons and combinations.

  • No Current Builds For This Weapon



KLINGE Velo-Saw Upgrade Table


Mk. 0 79 N/A N/A N/A
Mk. I 93 N/A 3 Tungsten Alloy Mk. I  92
Mk. II 112 Attack Speed +1% 3 Tungsten Alloy Mk. II 648
Mk. III 133 N/A 3 Tungsten Alloy Mk. III 925
Mk. IV 163 N/A 3 Tungsten Alloy Mk. IV  1666
Mk. V 191 N/A 3 Tungsten Alloy Mk. V  
Mk. VI 226 Stamina Consumption -6% 3 Tungsten Alloy Mk. VI  
Mk. VII 267 N/A 3 Tungsten Alloy Mk. VII  
Mk. VIII 323 N/A 3 Tungsten Alloy Mk. VIII  
Mk. IX 380 N/A 3 Tungsten Alloy Mk. IX  
Mk. X 447 Energy Gain +10% 3 Tungsten Alloy Mk. X  
Mk. XX 672 N/A 6 Tungsten Alloy Mk. XX  
Model Raw Damage Upgrade Bonus Materials Required Scrap Cost


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