Downtown Jericho City - JCPD Back Alley
Underground - Warren's Hideout
A.I.D. Command
Underground - Subway

Stranger is an NPC in The Surge 2. Stranger is a mysterious man that you meet at the JCPD Back Alley at Downtown Jericho City after escaping the Detention Center. He claims to be Jericho's City guardian angel and advice you to upgrade your equipment in order to survive. He provides you with 3x Tungsten Alloy Mk.I that you can use to upgrade your weapon.



Stranger related Quests:

Location of Stranger

Stranger Notes and Tips

  • He's Warren, the protagonist survived from The Surge 1.



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    • Anonymous

      If you skip little Johnny and go to the AID comand directly he will be there, in the first room of hospital with with one scientist and one heavy AID, in the cell behind half broken glass. He asks you to get the drive instead. I must say that it was quite the suprise to me that you can kill delver BEFORE little Johnny, obtain slider, and learn that Athena is in the same bulding, without really fallowing narrative. Feels like a bug really.

      • Anonymous

        He is warren. There's a scene where you can catch him singing the song that plays in the medical stations.

        • Anonymous

          I told him "i'm bad to the bone" because it sounded like sarcasm, while the line "I'm one of the good guys" sounded cringy, and he told me to ***** off and flew away, what an idiot

          • He keeps telling me on comms to come visit his hideout under the bridge, but he's not in the underground at the location. I think his quest might be bugged.

            • Anonymous

              He is warren, in the middle of his quest line he will take of his helmet, there is even an achievement for that

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