Seaside Court is a Location in The Surge 2. This Location acts as a hub where you can interact with various NPCs and access services from the Merchants. The information listed below is based on the current Network Test and is subject to change.

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Full Seaside Court Walkthrough

 The Seaside Court is divided in three different levels. You will find yourself at Level 1 when you enter the building. You can access each level by going up or down the stairs.

Level 1

When you enter the building from the Welders Block at Downtown Jericho City you will find yourself at the first level of the Seaside Court.


To your left, you will be able to access a Medbay and meet with Jordan Black. She will tell you that she is a monster hunter and ask you to stay out of her way.


On the other side of the floor, you will find the exit to Port Nixon guarded by Mr. Loco. To your left you can talk to Molly Fox who provides Merchant services. She will also give you the quest A Simple Favor.


To your right you can find a map of Jericho City.


Level 2

Right in front of the stairs, you will find Brother Eli interrogating Declan. Talk to Brother Eli, and he will give you the quest The Drug Lord. He will also give you The Prophet's Keycard that you can use to access Port Nixon at the first level of the Seaside Court.


To your right, you can meet Rex. He provides merchant services. Behind him, you can find a Plastic Rose. If you pick it up and talk to him, he will give you the quest April's Fool.


Level 3

If you look to your right from the stairs, you will see Mr. Scrappy and a door leading back to the rooftops of Downtown Jericho City. Talk to Mr. Scrappy, and he will give you the quest Hearing Aid.


Continue to Port Nixon.

Once you have The Prophet's Keycard provided by Brother Eli you can pass through the door located at the end of the first floor to access Port Nixon.



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