Stranger's Facemask

Type Head Gear Model MK. I
Set Counts towards any set Class Sentinel
Defense 29 Attack Speed 0%
Core Power 0 Stamina Cost Run 0%
Stability 45 Stamina Cost Evade 0%
Armored Damage 0% Fire Defense 18
Unarmored Damage 0% Poison Defense 37
Stamina Consumption 0% Electricity Defense 18
Impact 0% Nano Defense 28

Stranger's Facemask is one of the Head Gear Armor in The Surge 2. Stranger's Facemask provides 29 defense, 45 stability and consumes 0 Core Power. Armor can be crafted by obtaining schematics from Enemies. You can learn more on the Crafting page.



Where to find Stranger's Facemask

  • Stranger's Facemask can be found during the second part of the quest "The Witness". The Stranger will contact you via radio and tell you to meet him at his hideout. When you get there, he will give you a task that consists of gathering pieces of A.I.D. armor (Nightfall or Eclipse). The facemask is the reward for this task.


Notes and Tips

  • Set Bonus:
    • Partial (3 pieces): Counts towards any set
    • Full (6 pieces): Counts towards any set
  • Required Tech Scrap To Upgrade:
  • Required Materials To Upgrade:


Builds That Use This Armor

  • Builds Info 1
  • Builds Info 2
  • Builds Info 3


Stranger's Facemask Upgrade Table

MK I 29 Bonus
MK II 37 Damage - Armored +2%
MK IV 43 Damage - Armored +2%
MK VI 47 Damage - Armored +3%
MK VIII 51 Electric Defense +10
MK X 53 Poison Defense +14
MK XX 65 N/A



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    • Anonymous

      Disgustingly effective and powerful ha. It often outclasses other helmet items and only seems outshined by the MG Cerberus or similar heavy high tier Goliath gear.

      Even then zero core consumption can be nice early and its overall stats are wonderful.

      The only reason to not use it basically always is gotta change things up and fashion style!

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